The installation of platform doors at all Toei Subway stations was completed on the 20th.

In order to prevent falls and other accidents, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has been working with other railway operators to install platform doors at Toei Subway stations, with the aim of having them installed at all 106 stations by the end of this fiscal year. Ta.

Up to now, installation has been completed on the Mita Line, Shinjuku Line, and Oedo Line, but on the 20th, installation was completed at Oshiage Station on the Asakusa Line in Sumida Ward, and now all Toei Subway lines will be installed. Platform doors have been installed at the station.

According to the Tokyo metropolitan government, instead of the conventional system of installing sensors on the Asakusa Line cars and linking the opening and closing of the doors with the station side, a new system has been developed in which the doors are opened and closed by reading a QR code pasted on the car with a camera at the station. A mechanism has been introduced.

As a result, the cost of vehicle modification, which was originally estimated to cost 2 billion yen for installing sensors, etc., was reduced to approximately 2.7 million yen for printing and pasting the QR code.

Visually Impaired People's Group: ``It's a very big thing that guarantees safety.''

Commenting on the installation of platform doors at all stations on the Toei Subway, Takashi Miyake, executive director of the Japan Federation of Visually Impaired Organizations, said, ``For visually impaired people, using a station platform is like walking on a bridge without a railing.'' "By installing platform doors at all stations, safety will be ensured, so I think it's a big deal."

Mr. Miyake, who has almost no eyesight, said, ``I too have had the experience of thinking I could see the shadow of a train and trying to get on it, but there was no floor and I almost fell off. It is mentally difficult to move while avoiding people and equipment on the platform without falling.With a platform door, there is no danger of falling, so I feel very safe.'' .

He expressed his hope that, ``If technology using QR codes can make it easier to spread, I hope that railway operators will share it and move toward installing platform doors as soon as possible.''