In order to prevent elderly people from becoming victims of fraud, Tokyo's Chofu City has decided to subsidize the full cost of installing a device on their home phone in the new fiscal year that uses AI to identify calls that may be fraudulent.

Last year, the amount of damage caused by ``Ore Ore'' scams reached more than 44 billion yen nationwide, and in Chofu city, it amounted to more than 190 million yen, the highest ever, and the situation continues to be serious.

Starting around June this year, Chofu City has decided to subsidize the full cost of installing equipment in the homes of elderly residents in the city that uses AI to identify phone calls that may be fraudulent. .

The device connects to your home's landline phone, and automatically alerts your family if a call comes from a phone number other than that of a family member or acquaintance registered in advance and contains words that could lead to fraud, such as "refund" or "account." An alert will be sent to your smartphone via short message.

Furthermore, if you have responded to a fraudulent call, this device will automatically place a call immediately after the fraudulent call asking questions such as "Who were you talking to and what you were talking about" using a pre-recorded real voice of a family member, and then respond to the fraudulent call. We are also considering transcribing the information in writing and notifying the family.

The city wants to test the effectiveness of the equipment by installing it in about 100 households, and plans to submit an initial budget proposal for the new fiscal year to the city council meeting on the 27th, which will include equipment construction costs, usage fees, and other related expenses.