China News Service, Chengdu, February 20 (Du Chengjiang Youbei) On the morning of the 20th, the busy construction scene at the main venue of the 2024 Chengdu Expo complemented the vibrant and gorgeous spring scenery, and the winding Jiangxi River was lined with trees. , with the gurgling water, the three landscape bridges across the Jiangxi River - Moon Bridge, Bamboo Bridge, and Yufu Bridge, the overall shape has been initially presented and will soon be unveiled.

The new moon comes out of the water and we share the beauty of the moon

  On the Jiangxi River in the middle of the park, the round lines outline an "Emei Mountain Moon" that is both real and illusory, forming the beautiful shape of the Moon Bridge. Beside the bridge, patches of red plum blossoms are blooming, like smoke and clouds; not far away, the magnificent Sanhua Building, located at the commanding heights of the park, complements the Moon Bridge, forming a beautiful picture.

Moon Bridge design renderings. Photo courtesy of Chengdu Eastern New District

  "The bridge is as its name suggests. The Moon Bridge is based on the theme of 'Crescent Moon Emerging from the Water' and is designed with a 'crescent' shape." Du, bridge designer of the 2024 Chengdu Expo and Chengdu Design Consulting Group·Chengdu Municipal Design Institute's Third Design Institute Bridge Director According to Pan, by capturing the moving moment of the bright moon emerging from the sun, the Moon Bridge creates a quiet artistic conception of "the cool moon is like an eyebrow hanging over the willow bay, and the mountains of Sichuan are seen in the mirror". At the same time, by utilizing the internal structure of the "Crescent Moon" and the space on the bridge, the Moon Bridge can also create diversified application scenarios by setting up a CNC water curtain and combining it with water curtain projection.

  "When tourists stop to appreciate the changing scene of the full and waning moon, we hope to resonate with 'I hope people will live forever and share the beauty of the moon thousands of miles apart'," Du Pan said.

Bamboo leaves floating on Jiangxi River

  Walking along the Jiangxi River to the northwest side of Maha Lake, the bamboo bridge will appear in front of you. The light and simple bridge body is like a wisp of bamboo leaves floating on the water.

  "We built the entire pedestrian bridge into a large-scale bamboo woven artwork on the Jiangxi River to highlight the bamboo culture with Chengdu characteristics." Du Pan introduced that the bridge body of the bamboo woven bridge is not the more common straight line, but is made of light bamboo. The flexible lines of the shape and bamboo strips are integrated into the morphological design of the pedestrian bridge, thereby turning the bridge into a flexible curved shape and outlining a slender and tensile figure, with both strength and softness.

Bamboo bridge design renderings. Photo courtesy of Chengdu Eastern New District

  It can be seen at the scene that the bridge decoration with bamboo strips and bamboo weaving as design elements connects the two ends of the bridge like a streamer, and forms an arched awning in the center of the bridge, which not only creates a warm and natural atmosphere, but also blends in with the bridge. It matches the image of "Tianfu Chengdu".

Gypsos skim through the water and swim without leaving a trace

  Yufu Bridge is located in the northwest corner of the main venue of the Chengdu Expo. The bridge structure is a graceful cable-stayed bridge. The simple V-shaped piers blend harmoniously with the Jiangxi River, as if growing naturally from the water, light and full of life. A sense of power.

  The design of the Yufu Bridge is inspired by the ancient Shu fish culture. The shape of the bridge is evolved from the abstract image of a fish. It has a graceful shape and simple colors, blending harmoniously with the surrounding environment. It outlines a picture of "a fish skimming the water without leaving a trace and creating ripples." The beautiful picture of "light smoke reflecting on the shore". Du Pan said that with the bridge as a carrier, the yufu is no longer a mysterious symbol left among the people, but a vivid historical memory with vivid life and multi-dimensional connotation, reappearing the bright pearl of Tianfu culture.

Yufu Bridge design renderings. Photo courtesy of Chengdu Eastern New District

  It is understood that according to the transportation plan of the 2024 Chengdu Expo, the main venue has set up a "double-ring juxtaposition and separation of fast and slow" transportation system, which includes an outer ring sightseeing lane and an inner ring dedicated slow traffic lane, including the Moon Bridge and Yufu The bridge is a tourist vehicle bridge, while the bamboo bridge is a pedestrian bridge. It is an important part of the loop and slow traffic system of the entire main venue park.

  "At present, the main structure and most of the external decoration of the three landscape bridges have been completed, and the bridge shape has been initially presented." Du Pan said, next, finishing touches such as exterior surface painting, light strip installation and commissioning, and bridge side slope greening will be carried out. The work is expected to be complete in early March 2024. (over)