In response to a series of incidents in which young people apply for so-called "dark part-time jobs" through social networking sites and become complicit in crimes, a special class was held at a high school in Tokyo to learn the key points of spotting "dark part-time job" recruitment.

"Dark part-time jobs" are those in which young people apply for jobs with high hopes on social media, etc., and end up becoming complicit in crimes, such as being the recipients of special frauds or the perpetrators of robberies.

Approximately 230 second-year students participated in the special class held at Seisoku Gakuen High School in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, and some high school students had the experience of seeing or being solicited for ``dark part-time jobs'' by employees of human resources services companies in Tokyo. He warned that the increase would be more than 41%.

Also, be careful about things on SNS that say things like ``Beginners welcome'' and ``Easy to make a high income'', or ``#Uke, Deshi'' which means receiving or withdrawing cash through special scams, or slang words with their initials. I told them that they should never apply for anything with a certain "#UD" on it.

Next, a quiz was held to identify the "dark part-time jobs" from the recruitment advertisement, and the content said, "It's a simple job of carrying cardboard. Starting from 50,000 yen per job. Please contact us by DM". It was explained that there is a possibility that he is a ``courier'' who transports the items, and that there is a possibility that he is a ``dark part-time worker'' as the communication is through direct mail.

Participating students said, ``Be careful with words such as ``receiver'' and ``dashiko,'' and when searching for job openings, search for job descriptions such as ``customer service,'' rather than searching for money, such as ``high income.'' I will,” he said.

Hanano Tsutsumi, who works at a human resources services company, said, ``If you become complicit in a crime, it will have a big impact on your future life.I would be happy if you could acquire crisis management skills for 'dark part-time jobs.'' .