Camps for displaced Gazans in the coastal area of ​​Al-Mawasi, northwest of Palestinian Rafah (Al-Jazeera)

It seems that the masters and masters of the Western colonial project lurking in the countries that have fallen under imperialist occupation, including Arab countries, have decided to move to a new stage, in terms of the “instrumental” roles they design for the regimes they have installed to control the peoples, in accordance with what ensures the continuation of their control over those countries. And exploiting its capabilities, in a time of what is known as new colonialism by a wide range of thinkers and researchers.

The statements, positions, and practical measures that are overflowing in the media and social media leave no room for doubt that the colonial West today wants complete obedience to Israel, day and night, to be the measure of the legitimacy of any regime and the guarantor of its continued confrontation of peoples with the force of iron and fire, and the power of the executioner in the depths of prisons. . Israel is his most important colonial project throughout his long history of confrontation with the Arab and Islamic East.

Hidden relationship

Nearly eleven decades (107 years) have passed since the West’s war on Palestine, in preparation for the most important episode in its imperialist project. From the beginning, the West secretly sought help from some people in paving the way for the establishment of Israel, in exchange for promises of entities and states that would be established after the fires of war had subsided and the Ottoman Empire had ended, which is what happened as we see it today.

The relationship of the Arab regime, which resulted from the so-called stage of independence of the colonial countries, with the replacement colonial entity remained hidden under the empty drums of liberation that deafened ears, blinded eyes and obliterated hearts, while those claiming independence, claiming struggle and anti-imperialism behind the scenes were preparing the masses to accept the occupation of a new part. From Palestine and its neighbourhood, it says to them, “My brother, the oppressors have gone beyond their reach,” without their actions exceeding their radio broadcasts singing about Palestine from the river to the sea. This was the first official slogan to deceive the peoples, despite its geographical and historical truth.

Perhaps I can say, based on moral recognition, that we were deceived by those slogans and went along with them, and the debate between us as students even reached the point of insults, insults, and accusations. The owners of the colonial project are shrewd and skilled at brainwashing and cultivating minds to serve their plans, stage after stage, and we are heedless and ignorant, and in many cases we still are today.

New expansion chapter

Everything was being cooked and cooked on a slow fire, waiting for the entity’s new expansion phase to begin, at an appropriate moment in which it seemed to the world that Israel was defending itself from those who wanted to throw it into the sea, as happened at the dawn of June 5, 1967, when it occupied all of Palestine, along with Sinai, the Golan, and areas From Lebanon. After that, talk became about “land for peace,” in accordance with UN Resolution 242, which was drafted by one of the British colonial masters, and was accepted by the defeated Arabs.

Because the defeated person has his psychological protection stripped from him with his field defeat, he becomes prey to be manipulated by the victor, just as a lioness does when she wants to train her cubs to hunt. Sometimes she does not kill the young deer, but rather keeps it alive for the cubs to manipulate, before the mother finishes it off and it is driven away.

Thus, the Arabs, with their regimes, remained a puppet in the hands of the colonial project. It told them that soon the land would be returned in exchange for peace, so the mirage of hope distracted them, while the young cubs trained, and the stage was prepared, so the curtain rose and a new expansionist chapter began, whose greatest hero was Israel, and whose minor heroes were some Arabs hiding behind slogans. As for the creative director, he is the colonial West, the owner, maker, and protector of the project.

And at an appropriate moment, that creative director decides that the time has come for some of the hidden ones to be given public roles, in which they scream like brave heroes, as they repel the aggression and reclaim the land, and the masses cheer for them even if they regained a land from which its sting was also taken away, just as the fever was taken from the souls of those people. The "heroes" are slowly being created behind the curtain to appear on stage when the new chapter begins.

Breaking away from constants

The victorious hero with the new role is not afraid of anyone in the streets of the country that the director made his stage! He shouts, rants, threatens, and swears, and declares to the world that he is the peacemaker openly; Because it is the big one, until the moment comes when the curtain comes down, and then it is lifted from new “heroes.” It is time for them, too, not to remain hidden in the new chapter.

Now it has become "peace for peace", in the belief of the official Arab regime and perhaps some sectors of the people. Do not ask about the meaning and essence of peace, for this is another chapter on the colonial stage whose time has not yet come. There is an aspiring hero who refuses to enter the fold of the project, and he must be led there smoothly, as he is the owner of the land at the center of the conflict, and subjugating him is the most effective and important thing now.

The aspiring hero declares the independence of his homeland and state in exile, walks on red carpets, or does he not become president?! Trumpets play for him, he addresses the whole world and finally enters the fold. The hero begins training on stage behind the curtain before it is time to appear in front of people. He retreats to a remote place without his people in the land of ice, fog, and myths, then announces to the world the agreement step by step. A small portion of land in exchange for peace.

He shakes hands with his enemy under the patronage of the original owner of the project, and the West applauds, not in admiration and appreciation for the performance of the new hero on stage and his courage, but rather for the creative and patient director, the owner and protector of the project. It is the most important chapter in the play. The landowner must be subjugated, willingly or unwillingly, until he enters the fold. Then the rest of the aspiring heroes rush in as long as the landowner has accepted peace in exchange for a promise of some land. The people of Mecca, as the Arabs said, know best about its paths.

Aspiring champions flock to the stage, some with decades of experience playing behind the curtain, and eager to stand on stage in front of the audience, like the brave men who came before them, tired of the backstage and its darkness.

Some of them are newcomers who are pushed away by youthful enthusiasm and illusions of courage, and are ready to break away from all constants and beliefs in exchange for “peace in peace” and a promise or money and satisfaction from the creative colonial director who moves everyone. It's "peace for peace" at this point, until the director decides on a new expansive chapter.

As for the first and true hero on stage, the son of colonialism, he grew up and often began to disobey the director’s orders. Because he wants him to rush to direct, before some of the audience wakes up and discovers the game and the players, as the signs of Gaza’s mujahideen resistance predict, and raises the curtain for the start of a new chapter in which the slogan “peace for peace” is not appropriate, but rather it is “peace for surrender” this time. .

The protégé hero sometimes knows secrets that the director does not know, so the secondary heroes approach him and do not reject his request, perhaps he will intercede for them with the great master.

Among them are those who come to his aid and relief if some paths become difficult for him or he is tempted by wrongdoing. This, then, is the chapter of “peace in exchange for surrender,” and its curtain must be quickly lowered, so that the chapter of the “Greater Land of Israel” begins outside the borders of the occupation currently in all of Palestine, the Golan, and some Lebanon.

Fake heroes

Didn’t Benjamin Netanyahu stand before the whole world to raise the map of Greater Israel that God promised to his chosen people, to be established after he eliminates the Amalekites or displaces them and enslaves those of them and their neighbors who remain alive?

Did he not say in full that Greater Israel originally included Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, parts of Syria, and other Arab countries, but Israel, out of generosity, accepts all of Palestine, the Golan, and some of Lebanon as a pure homeland for the Jews alone, with no one sharing it?

Is this unlikely? Why?

While I was writing this article, I saw on Al Jazeera’s screen pictures of the Day of Judgment in northern Gaza, and tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of hungry people, children, women and the elderly, rushing like a huge torrent towards a few relief trucks that the Arab regime had allowed, after receiving royalties, to enter from the Rafah crossing.

This death, blood, hunger, nudity, and disease have been under the sight and hearing of the Arabs for more than five months, and they were not able to enter Gaza except for shrouds, and some scraps of bread and a little food, and they also enter in exchange for royalties that go into the pockets of the medalists. I do not want to say more than this because I fear that I will speak obscenely, which is not appropriate for the pen or its owner. God is sufficient for us, and that is enough.

It is not unlikely, then, that the director in the New Colonial Theater would raise the curtain of the final act of this absurd play, so that all the false heroes would stand with their eyes humbled and exhausted by humiliation, as they writhed in pain from the whips of the protégé hero that blistered their blessed bodies, after peace had become surrender, and surrender had turned into enslavement. For those who have lost their souls and dignity. This is the law of God in history, and tomorrow is close to its observer, so do not let any of you, people of Gaza and Palestine, look behind it.

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