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The United States thwarted an Algerian draft resolution on behalf of the Arab group calling for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip by declaring its veto power despite the approval of 13 out of 15 members, and Britain abstained from voting.

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Journalist Fawzi Bushra says - in his report to Al Jazeera - that returning again to the Security Council is “a statement of the Arab group’s abundance of good faith in the American position. Some of this good faith is ignorance and in some it is blindness to the facts of the war, those who wage it, and those who support it with weapons and money.”

The Algerian delegate accused the Security Council of failure, but the latter - according to the report - was thwarted by the American veto, which Israel translates on the ground into killing and demolition of hospitals and schools, where the circle of annihilation of Palestinians is completed, killed by bombing, killed by diseases, and killed by hunger.