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To exacerbate the tragedy of the scene of displaced people in Gaza scrambling to get what aid trucks were carrying, the Israeli occupation army deliberately targeted them directly with gunfire and smoke bombs, which sparked widespread anger on social media platforms.

Displaced Palestinians were exposed to gunfire from the occupation army - while thousands of them gathered on Al-Rashid Street, west of Gaza City - to obtain some flour carried by limited aid trucks that arrived from the south of the Strip to the north on Monday.

Eight humanitarian aid trucks entered the northern Gaza Strip, the first since last January, as Israel prevents humanitarian aid from reaching the Strip in the context of pressure on the people of the Gaza Strip and the widening circle of aggression against them.

Scenes obtained by Al Jazeera document that the displaced people were exposed to gunfire, and Israeli artillery fired smoke bombs towards the citizens. At least one person was martyred and others were injured as a result of the Israeli army targeting the citizens who flocked to the area.

Gazans try to reach these trucks, but they are exposed to direct fire from the Israeli army, then they retreat back and hide, and then they try again and are targeted when they try to approach.

Deliberate targeting

The pictures show that the occupation army does not fire to disperse or intimidate them, but rather directly targets the civilians gathered around the truck. Anyone who tries to approach the trucks to get flour is martyred every time, which Nour Shaheen saw as “an ambush to trap citizens.”

The Shabakat program (2/20/2024) monitored some comments from tweeters about what the displaced are exposed to while trying to obtain aid, including what Rama wrote: “Famine is killing our brothers in Gaza, and some are still eating from restaurants that support genocide... Famine is killing the people of Gaza.” Our people are still unable to boycott.”

Yasmine also tweeted, "I am the weak slave and I have no power. Whenever I put a morsel in my mouth these days, I swear to God, I do not feel its pleasure. These images come to me in my imagination, and I feel remorseful whenever I think about the hunger of our people in northern Gaza."

As for Abdullah, he believes that what is happening is “systematic starvation, a comprehensive siege, deprivation of food and drink, and above all direct targeting of those looking for a morsel to satisfy their thirst.” While Samara wondered, “Who is Israel fighting? A group of civilians searching for flour! What military achievement is this?” Will you achieve it here?

It is noteworthy that the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that Israel denied access to 51% of missions to deliver aid and conduct assessments in the areas of northern Gaza.

Reports from Al Jazeera earlier documented aspects of the people's daily struggle to afford a meal, while some of them say that the animal feed that was ground and made into some food has also run out.

Source: Al Jazeera