Solène Delinger 12:20 p.m., February 20, 2024

On Sunday, February 18, Madonna fell backwards from a chair during a concert on her “Celebration Tour” in Seattle. One of her dancers suddenly let go of her during a choreography. The queen of pop continued her performance as if nothing had happened

Her show didn't really go as planned... Sunday February 18, Madonna fell on stage during a concert of her Celebration Tour in Seattle. The queen of pop was then sitting on a chair singing, pulled by one of her dancers wearing stiletto heels. Not very stable, her partner lost control and suddenly let go.

Madonna and her dancer then both fell and got up again as if nothing had happened. The

Like a Virgin

singer , professional in any situation, didn't stop singing and laughed as she got up. Videos of this little choreographic accident have made the rounds on TikTok. 

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Madonna almost died last June

Madonna has been performing concerts for several months and is doing wonderfully. Last June, the 65-year-old singer was hospitalized in intensive care for a bacterial infection. A health problem that almost cost him his life. "It's a miracle that I'm here right now. My mother, God bless her, she has to watch over me, she said, 'Daughter, it's not your time to go,'" he said. she declared in front of her fans during a concert, upon returning from her convalescence. Since then, the singer has been living at 100 miles an hour! She was in Paris last November, then passed through Montreal and Seattle. She will end her tour next April in Mexico.