Updated Tuesday, February 20, 2024-09:41

"After almost 10 years that I will always remember, I have decided to leave


to embark on a new professional path. Thank you all for your love." With a brief statement

, Lara Álvarez


this Tuesday morning on her social networks her departure from


after 10 years of uneven success, and with a final stage after leaving


marked by weak audiences.

The announcement comes a little more than a year after

Lara Álvarez

renewed her long-term contract with the audiovisual group, and since then there were quite a few rumors that pointed to a certain fatigue with the projects that were proposed to her on the network. It all started with her departure from


, which the Asturian presented between 2015 and 2022, the year in which she decided to leave the Telecinco space to face new professional projects.

A few months ago, Lara Álvarez


described that outing as the end of a traumatic event. In an interview on

My Neighbor's House

, Nagore Robles

' podcast



, the Basque asked her if she had ever had to go out with a smile in front of the cameras despite not feeling well or being affected by some personal problem.

Lara Álvarez

confessed: "It has even happened to me, 30 seconds before going live, that I was vomiting in a corner, next to a tree in Honduras. I was vomiting terribly from the anxiety, from the sadness I had at that time. moment".

Lara Álvarez

shared in the interview what


meant to her and why she decided to leave the format. "It has marked a before and after in my career, professionally and personally, because there I have faced my greatest fear: loneliness. But it is not so much the fatigue of being confined in the same role, but more what I felt. I needed to do new things," he declared.

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