On the 20th, Kobe City issued an improvement order based on the Medical Care Act regarding the issue of not administering medicine for a chronic illness to a patient who died during hospitalization at Kobe Tokushukai Hospital. The hospital received administrative guidance last year over the death of another inpatient, but Kobe City has taken more severe measures, citing the need for immediate improvements.

At Kobe Tokushukai Hospital in Tarumi Ward, Kobe City, several patients who underwent catheter treatment died last year, and in August of last year, Kobe City issued administrative guidance calling for improvements due to problems with the safety management system. I did it.

However, an investigation by the city revealed that medication for his chronic diabetes was not administered at one point to a hospitalized patient in his 70s who died the following month, and that post-mortem verification was insufficient.

On the 20th, Kobe City issued an order to improve the hospital's safety management system based on the Medical Care Act, stating that there were serious deficiencies in the hospital's safety management system and urgent improvements were needed.

The improvement order requires companies to submit a concrete plan for a fundamental review of their safety management system by the 5th of next month.

This is a more severe measure than administrative guidance, and if the government does not comply, the hospital may be ordered to suspend operations.

At the press conference, Chief Minoru Yagi of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Affairs Division of the Kobe City Public Health Center harshly pointed out, ``Governance as an organization is not functioning at all.As someone who is in a position to protect the lives of citizens, this is a problem that cannot be overlooked.''

Kobe Tokushukai Hospital commented, ``We will take the contents seriously and deal with them appropriately.First, we will create a plan for improvement.''