JR Kyushu's sightseeing train, ``SL Hitoyoshi,'' which will be retired next month due to aging locomotives, underwent its last periodic inspection, ``police box inspection.''

The SL Hitoyoshi, which began operating in 2009, has gained popularity with more than 400,000 people riding on it, but the locomotive, which was completed over 100 years ago, has deteriorated significantly and will be closed on the 23rd of next month. It will cease operation and be retired.

On the 20th, the final police box inspection before retirement was held at the JR Kyushu Kumamoto Vehicle Center in Nishi Ward, Kumamoto City.

Six mechanics inspected the wheels by tapping the bolts at the bottom of the vehicle with a hammer to make sure they were not loose, and inspected the boiler, which generates steam using heat from burning coal.

"Police Box Inspections" are conducted periodically based on ministerial ordinances of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

It is an inspection to ensure safe driving, similar to a vehicle inspection, and this time it will be held for three days until the 22nd.

Kosuke Hara, who worked as a locomotive engineer for eight years, said, ``I feel like the end has finally come. I want to continue to bring smiles to the faces of all the passengers while savoring the history that my seniors have inherited from generation to generation.'' .

In addition, Kyosuke Yamada, who has worked as a mechanic for 17 years, said, ``The SL Hitoyoshi, which is difficult to repair, won't run properly unless it is in perfect condition, and it will take the most work.If we can keep it running well until the end without having to suspend service. I think so,” he said.