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  • Lali Espósito "I choose to dance super sexualized and show my ass because I feel like a goddess like that"

  • Milei completes reconciliation with the Pope "I explained everything to him, he understood me perfectly"

Donald Trump

spoke a few days ago about the "disloyal"

Taylor Swift

, but that was a complete trifle when compared to Javier Milei's reaction. The Argentine president also chose a singer,

Lali Espósito

, to advance his much-declaimed "cultural battle." And she is doing it with a power and aggressiveness that makes Trump timid, timid.

The succession of phrases and attacks would be surprising if it were not known that everything is calculated and is part of a strategy by the Argentine head of state: to ignore the politicians, whom he throws into the bag of "the caste" responsible for all the problems of the country. country, establish himself as the owner of the truth and confront figures with truly popular roots so that his message has the greatest possible echo.

"How dangerous. How sad

," wrote

Lali Espósito

on X (the old Twitter) in August, hours after


won the primaries that would propel him to the presidency. The ultra-liberal muddled through with evil subtlety when asked about the singer: "Sorry, I don't know who he is. I listen to the Rolling Stones."

Not this time. At that time he was a candidate, now, with the presidency in his hands, he decided to raise the voltage to galvanize his followers and delve into a strategy that Kirchnerism has carried out with great success since 2003:

on the one hand, the good guys (us) ; on the other, all the bad ones

. It is the same strategy of those who govern today.

Lali Espósito



the ideal foot to unleash all her fury on social networks, which is a lot. During the

Cosquín Rock

festival , in the province of Córdoba,


referred to the cuts in cultural programs and subsidies to the industry, one of the marks of


's management .

"No one is ever going to take this union that music, art and culture generate from us. This depends on us, on those of us who are up here with certain responsibilities and a lot of love, and on you too, to accompany and defend," the singer said to a crowd. She then attacked "the liars, the gilts, the bad people... the people who don't value, the anti-country and everyone."

Placing those who do not think as one in the corral of the "anti-patriarch" parallels, paradoxically,

Lali Espósito with


's tactics

. And perhaps it is not coincidental: the singer is paired with

Pedro Rosemblat

, host of a successful streaming broadcast


very close to former president

Cristina Kirchner


"Lali Deposit"


did not miss the opportunity and created a label that was impossible to ignore:

"Lali Depósito"

. With "deposit", the president refers to what the singer received from municipal and provincial governments for performing at festivals. She says this at a time when the central government cut off all discretionary transfers to the provinces, to which it only delivers what the law indicates.


, fond of the thick line, makes an argument: if there is money to subsidize festivals, there must also be money to improve the salaries of teachers and to feed the children. "Stealing people's plates of food to make political propaganda is a double scam," argued the president. "She might not accept it because it might seem immoral to her. But it seems that, if it's in her pocket, taking people's plates of food doesn't seem bad to her."

The singer reacted with an open letter to the president. "I have been dedicating myself to music for a little over 10 years. I started independently investing what I earned in my musical project. People supported it and made it grow non-stop until I was able to make my first full football stadium last year, "an event that was produced privately and with my mother and my family being part of my work team. It was a huge emotion."

Espósito added that culture "not only generates work, but builds and narrates the identity of a people," while pointing out that "the demonization of an industry and the people who make it up is not the way forward." "I feel that the asymmetry of power between you and those you attack for thinking differently, and the false information, makes your speech unfair and violent," she stated.


, happy to be at the center of a controversy that leaves inflation and the devastating economic crisis that the country is experiencing in the background, went even further: "If

you want to


you have

to be clean. If

you are

a parasite who lived sucking at the breast of the State, you are in trouble and, if on top of that your opinions are in line with a political space that paid for your appearances,

you are

a propaganda mechanism, you are not an artist."

The Peronist deputy

Rogelio Iparraguirre

criticized the president in a reflection that was shared on social networks by former president


. "These strategies are more similar to those that


, together with his advisors

Santiago Caputo


Fernando Cerimedo

, usually implement: choosing and simplifying a single enemy (caste); responding to criticism with an attack; vulgarization; orchestration; and unanimity, which consists of convincing many people that what the leader thinks is what everyone thinks.

"Virtual storms"

Pablo Sirvén

, columnist for the conservative newspaper

La Nación

, warned of the limits that the president is crossing. "The maneuver is not free, because the presidential voice in Argentina is very powerful and becomes disproportionate and unequal when it attacks a specific person, especially when it is a well-known figure. It unleashes virtual storms that transform into



and unnecessary that can even be dangerous and lead to attacks.

But the


antinomy is established. And the singer is well advised: she proposes a personal meeting with the president. It sounds unfeasible, although after


's reconciliation


Pope Francis

, about whom she said almost the worst things that can be said to a head of the Church, nothing can be ruled out.

"I don't think the path is lack of respect and meaningless disqualification," the singer wrote to the president. "I wish us all the best. Always. I send you a respectful greeting (...). I saw that you question my professionalism and skill on stage. Without any irony and with enthusiasm, I invite you to any of my concerts whenever you want "It would be a pleasure to have you and you

would have a great time. I assure you.