The Japan Meteorological Agency has released a forecast regarding this year's spring and summer weather. This means that spring temperatures will be around or above normal, and summer may be as hot as last year.

March to May “Easily covered by warm air”

According to the long-term forecast announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency on the 20th, the three months from next month to May will likely be covered in warm air.

As a result, average temperatures are expected to be ``nearly normal'' in northern Japan, ``near or above normal'' in eastern and western Japan, and ``high'' in Okinawa and Amami.

In addition, during the summer period from June to August, the Pacific high pressure system is expected to strongly protrude, making it easier for warm air to flow in around the edges of this high pressure system, and the temperature is expected to be ``high'' in all regions.

Precipitation from March to May in Okinawa and Amami is "at or above normal"

Regarding precipitation, for the three months from next month to May, it is expected to be ``almost normal'' in northern, eastern, and western Japan, and ``at or above normal'' in Okinawa and Amami.

From June to August, all regions are expected to be "almost normal", and the rainy season will be "almost normal" on the Sea of ​​Japan side of western Japan, eastern Japan, and northern Japan, and on the Pacific side of western Japan and Okinawa.・Amami is expected to have ``more than normal numbers.''

Japan Meteorological Agency predicts high temperatures this summer, with the possibility of significant high temperatures

Takayuki Umeda, Director of the Japan Meteorological Agency's Abnormal Weather Information Center, said, ``High temperatures are predicted this summer based on the movements of the tropical atmosphere and ocean currents.Furthermore, as was the case last year, westerly winds in the upper atmosphere will meander greatly, and the Pacific High will become extremely strong. "If it intensifies, there is a possibility of significant high temperatures."