When a subsidiary of Japan Airlines conducted an in-house test for driving within the restricted area of ​​Haneda Airport, employees who took the test were allowed to view the materials. Another subsidiary was found to have committed the same fraud. I found out that

All Nippon Airways and one of its group companies were also found to have committed fraud, and both companies canceled the exam and apologized.

Three companies have recently been revealed to have committed fraud: JAL Sky, a subsidiary of Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and ANA Airport Services, an All Nippon Airways group company.

In this case, two employees of JAL Royal Catering, another subsidiary of Japan Airlines, conducted an in-house test for driving within the restricted area of ​​Haneda Airport in January, in violation of national regulations. It has been revealed that he was allowed to view the materials.

As a result, each company investigated the same exam and found that from 2022 to this month, 9 employees at JAL Sky, 6 employees at All Nippon Airways, and 72 employees at ANA Airport Service were fraudulently forced to take the exam. about it.

In most cases, access to the materials was authorized by the proctor, and in some cases, with the tacit approval of the proctor.

All 72 employees of ANA Airport Service were employees who had come to Haneda from another airport to provide support, and the test proctor allowed them to view the test because they generally understood the rules for driving at the airport.

Companies in each group are currently suspending the exams in which the fraud was discovered.

Japan Airlines commented, ``We regard this act as a violation of compliance and a serious act that could impede safe flight operations, and we will work to prevent it from happening again.We sincerely apologize.''

ANA Holdings said, ``We deeply apologize for causing an incident that deviated from the rules to ensure safety.We will work to prevent it from happening again and restore trust.''