China News Service, Haikou, February 20 (Reporter Zhang Qianyi) The reporter learned from the Haikou City 2024 Qiongzhou Strait Spring Festival Transport Work Press Conference held on the 20th that in the past three days, the Qiongzhou Strait has seen an obvious peak in the return trip from the island. As of 15:00 on February 20, the total number of cars scheduled to leave the island in Haikou's "Three Ports" on that day was about 15,500, of which about 9,400 had left the island and about 6,100 were waiting to leave.

  Li Zhongbiao, deputy secretary-general of the Haikou Municipal Government, said that since the 25 days of Spring Festival travel from January 26 to February 19, there have been 3,424 flights out of the Qiongzhou Strait, 1.798 million passengers, and 392,000 vehicles. On February 19, there were 175 flights out of the island in the Qiongzhou Strait, 116,000 passengers, and 22,900 vehicles in a single day.

  Li Zhongbiao said that in the past three days, Haikou's "Three Ports" reserved cross-sea vehicles have continued to operate at high levels. Combined with the suspension of sailing due to heavy fog in the early stage, a large number of vehicles failed to leave the island on time, resulting in a long overall queue time for vehicles. In order to solve the problem of emergency parking of vehicles, Haikou City set up a temporary parking lot for Wuyuan River to be ferried, which effectively dealt with the suspension of navigation and peak traffic congestion. On February 19, Haikou took advantage of the favorable weather conditions and made every effort to improve transportation capacity. The Wuyuan River temporary parking lot was closed at 24:00 that night, and all vehicles in the ferry parking lot were cleared and transported as scheduled.

  The Haikou Municipal Transportation and Port and Navigation Administration Bureau and the Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment remind the driver of the car leaving the island to check the arrival time of the purchased ferry ticket no more than 3 hours in advance. Entry without a ticket or more than 3 hours in advance will not be possible. port. Special reminder to car drivers who leave the island from Xinhaiport: Changbin North Road is the only channel for cars to leave the island from Xinhaiport. Please navigate there and follow the on-site road signs to enter this channel.

  The press conference also stated that the number of trucks leaving the island has increased in recent days. Haikou City has set up a parking lot outside the ferry port for trucks in the Changying 100 area. Trucks must first line up at the Changying 100 dock and receive a sign. Then they can use the sign to When entering the port, trucks are prohibited from parking on the roads surrounding the port to wait for ferry. (over)