Three years ago, it was discovered that a second-year male student at a private high school in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture committed suicide, leaving behind a suicide note complaining of being bullied. A third-party committee set up by the high school released a report on the 20th, identifying 10 cases of bullying, including sexual bullying, but concluded that the direct cause of the suicide could not be determined.

According to a report, in March 2021, a second-year male student attending Fukuoka High School attached to Tokai University in Munakata City, Fukuoka Prefecture, committed suicide after leaving a suicide note complaining of bullying within the Kendo club he belonged to. Did.

The school recognized it as a ``serious situation'' under the law, and established a third-party committee to investigate. As a result, a male student was pasted to a tatami mat with adhesive tape by upperclassmen in front of more than 10 club members. , 10 cases of bullying were identified, including students being made to take off their underwear and videos of the incident being shared on social media to other students.

The third-party committee concluded that the boy's suicide was due to a combination of factors, including his family environment, and that the direct cause of the boy's suicide could not be determined.

Meanwhile, according to Fukuoka Prefecture, the student's family is requesting a re-investigation based on the law, and the prefecture says it is ``currently considering the matter.''

The boy's mother said, ``I am very sorry that the third-party committee did not carefully consider my son's feelings and determined that the direct cause of his suicide could not be determined.'' ” and other comments.