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Updated Tuesday, February 20, 2024-15:37

  • From favorite to winner Naiara sweeps the final of 'Operación Triunfo 2023' with almost half of the votes

  • OT 2023 All the performances of the OT 2023 grand final

"We have done something that had not been done in the world: a live program on a

streaming platform,"

María José Rodríguez

, Content Director of

Prime Video

, summarized the last few months this Tuesday

at the press conference after the final in which confirmed that the musical program would renew for a new season.

Operación Triunfo 2023

has all the ingredients to remain in the memory of a generation: the charisma of its singers, some memorable performances, the hours of content that friendships and romances have provided of its protagonists, but also the return to the



, which has consolidated it as a great entertainment presenter. However, above all that, what is historic on a television level lies in that milestone that represents a platform assuming the risk to go from canned

reality shows

to live ones and, furthermore, with a program of such magnitude.

«Not only has it met expectations, it has exceeded them. When we saw the opportunity to be the home of

Operación Triunfo

we didn't think about it. It was quality, ambition and being pioneers,” Rodríguez said. "We made it. We have broken records for views on YouTube, for social conversation, for signing records... », he listed. Although the platforms are usually opaque when it comes to offering audience figures, the head of

Prime Video

did not skimp on boasting data. She assured that

3.5 million unique viewers have watched OT, and highlighted a loyalty rate of 80%

. She has also broken records for the number of registered users on the free voting app: from 800,000 in

OT 2018

to 1.6 million this year.

"One of our obsessions was to expand the


universe with what


can offer," says the manager. And indeed, this transversality has been another of the achievements of the program: the


store has accumulated a million customers and the official album became the best-selling product on

during its launch , although the success is palpable more beyond the screens: «


is on the street. When I talk about social conversation I am not referring to networks. Everyone is talking about


. That already shows you that the program has crossed the screens,” argues Rodriguez.

But let's go back a few hours before, to the grand final. To the unsurprising coronation of


. "Crazy" was the first assessment of the Zaragoza after achieving 49% of the public's support. «I am very happy and happy, I can't believe what is happening. I also get a little sad now when I see videos of the Academy and know that we are not going to return there," she explained. «I didn't feel like I was going to win. I felt like I was working hard, just like my teammates, but I didn't have it in my head that I was going to win. "I have enjoyed the moment every day."

Furthermore, the winner claimed to be quite hard on herself:

«I am never enough, I don't give myself the value that others give me. I know I have a gift, but how others see you is not the same as how you see yourself

. Her partner

Paul Thin

pointed out, for her part: «

Operación Triunfo

is a program that takes you to know yourself artistically, because you make songs of different styles and find where you feel most comfortable. "You realize that you have to follow that truth and what moves your heart."

Once the contest is over, an even more intense journey begins for the contestants, who have ahead of them the creation of their first songs - the majority of those expelled already have a single on the market - and a tour that has outlined its magnitude based on of the demand: "At first we were talking about concerts, not tours," recalled

Tinet Rubira

, director of the program, "we booked a date for the

WiZink Center

in Madrid and another for the

Palau Sant Jordi

in Barcelona and all the tickets were sold in matter of hours. Then, we put out a second date and ten more cities. And they sold too. There we said: something very big is happening here.

«We realized that


was on the street the day we did the record signings. And it is very strange, because records are no longer usually sold in physical format, it is done so that people have support for the signature," says


"When we saw that the Zaragoza venue was overflowing, we knew that the format was not only on the platform." More data to measure the phenomenon:

the YouTube channel has had peaks of 200,000 connected users

, the


on TikTok has reached 5,000 million views and it only took eight minutes for the 1,000 signed records that were sold


to be sold out .

Prime Video

can boast of having scored a point in terms of relevance and traction, in addition to having overtaken its competitors, especially Netflix


in the battle for innovation with a display of live entertainment never seen in the world. For this reason, yesterday they announced that

Operación Triunfo

will return to its platform and with


as presenter, although the dates are not yet known: «One of the things we have learned is that the format lives well by letting it rest. We have artists who deserve the necessary time to grow,” explained


. «We are not clear when he will return; "It is one of the variables that we are analyzing."