The former executive director of an NPO in Kanagawa Prefecture that supports asbestos health victims and their bereaved families has been arrested by police for embezzling over 2.2 million yen from donations. The former executive director admitted to embezzling approximately 90 million yen to an NPO, and police are investigating the details of the incident.

The suspect arrested is Mitsuo Sato (68), former executive director of the NPO "Pneumoconiosis and Asbestos Victims Relief Fund" in Yokosuka City.

According to the police, six years ago in 2018, he was suspected of embezzlement in the course of business after he withdrew a total of 2.23 million yen in cash from an NPO's account nine times and embezzled it.

The former executive director, who was in charge of accounting for more than 10 years starting in 2009, acknowledged the charges during investigation and said, ``I don't remember clearly, but there is no doubt that I embezzled.I diverted the funds to the company where I worked at the time.'' This means that he has stated that.

The NPO provides support for trials with donations received from victims who have received work-related compensation certification, their bereaved families, supporters, etc., and the former executive director admitted that the corporation had embezzled a total of approximately 90 million yen. That is to say.

Police are investigating the details.