Kyoto University, a major IT company, and others have developed a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find candidate disease names based on patient symptoms and supports doctors' diagnosis for intractable and rare diseases that are difficult to diagnose.

``Rare Disease-Finder'', developed by a research group including Kyoto University and the major IT company ``Japan IBM'', is a system that uses AI to suggest possible intractable and rare diseases based on the patient's symptoms.

The AI ​​learns from large-scale databases and medical papers on intractable and rare diseases, and based on the patient's symptoms input, it suggests possible disease names from approximately 10,000 intractable and rare diseases. Masu.

Intractable and rare diseases are difficult to diagnose due to the small number of cases, and it can take a long time for patients to receive appropriate treatment.

The research group provides a system that allows medical professionals to perform highly accurate searches using specialized medical terminology, and encourages its use.

We also have a free website available for general patients and their families, where they can search for information by entering their symptoms in simple terms, such as ``feeling sleepy during the day'' or ``difficulty swallowing.''

Professor Fumihiko Matsuda of Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine said, ``By supporting diagnosis, we aim to connect patients suffering from symptoms to specialist treatment as soon as possible.''