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Jan Assmann 2020 in his home in Heidelberg: Most recently honorary professor at the University of Konstanz

Photo: Silas Stein/dpa

The cultural scientist Jan Assmann is dead. He died in the night from Sunday to Monday, as a spokeswoman for the University of Heidelberg confirmed on Tuesday upon request. The university is in contact with the family and has received the message from Assmann's family, the spokeswoman said. According to the “Südkurier” Assmann died in Konstanz at the age of 85.

Assmann was an Egyptologist, cultural and religious scientist. From 1976 to 2003, when he retired, he was professor of Egyptology in Heidelberg. He then worked as an honorary professor at the University of Konstanz, where his wife Aleida Assmann was professor of English literature and general literature. The couple was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in 2018.

Jan Assmann was the father of five adult children.