85 Flowers collectively "come down to earth", hot IP is ready to go

Costume dramas are back in fashion, who will be the next hit?

  In 2023, the number of high-quality costume dramas will rebound, and the characteristics of high-quality and small-cut dramas will attract audiences again to this traditional TV drama type. In 2024, major platforms such as Aiteng Kumang will start a new round of competition, and the resurgence of costume dramas will become more and more obvious, with costume dramas such as "Fu of the Han Dynasty (Part 1)", "Celebrating More Than Years (Season 2)" and "Traveling with the Phoenix" The work is expected to break through and become a hit.

Double Fu continues the historical drama

  When it comes to costume dramas, many viewers think of fairy dramas and fairy puppet dramas that focus on fantasy or love themes. In addition, historical dramas with rigorous research and grand structure use huge brushes to outline ancient and modern characters, and use ups and downs to interpret the rise and fall of history. , has always occupied an important position in the costume drama market. Historical dramas to be broadcast in 2024 include "Fu of the Han Dynasty (Part 1)", "Fu of the Tang Dynasty: Breaking the Formation", etc. "Fu of the Han Dynasty (Part 1)" adopts a grand narrative to carry the theme, and the main and secondary lines echo and run through it, comprehensively showing the country's destiny and the style of the great country during the 400-year heyday of the Han Dynasty. The "Form of Eternity, Chapter of Immortality" on the poster of the series is an accurate definition of its atmosphere.

  The first chapter of "Ode to the Tang Dynasty" is called "The Music of Breaking the Formation", focusing on the boyhood of Emperor Taizong Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty, reflecting the grand history from an individual perspective. The ultimate oriental aesthetics is bound to be splendid and exciting in the epic narrative of the big history and the big era. Both of these two monumental works are suffixed with the word "Fu", indicating the grandeur of their narrative, the magnificence of their style, and the majesty of their themes, and are expected to arouse a strong response.

"85 Flowers" returns to fairy tale drama

  "85 Flowers" collectively returned to costume dramas, Yang Mi's "Fox Fairy Matchmaker Moon Red Chapter", Liu Shishi's "Fox Fairy Little Matchmaker Bamboo Industry Chapter", Zhao Liying's "Walking with the Phoenix", Tang Yan's "Nian Wushuang" are all The upcoming dramas that various platforms have bet on have been on the hot searches for many times, from finalizing the makeup, finalizing production to releasing trailers, attracting widespread attention across the entire network. Most of the marketing points of the drama center around the "85 Flowers", such as Liu Shishi's "Huaizhu", Zhao Liying's new look in "Walking with the Phoenix", etc.

  Liu Yifei, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Tang Yan and other "Four Flowers", including Zhao Liying who later caught up, all started or became popular with costume dramas. Liu Yifei's "The Legend of the Condor Heroes", Yang Mi's "The Heart of the Palace", "The Legend of Ancient Swords", "Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms", Liu Shishi's "Step by Step", Tang Yan's "Splendid Young", Zhao Liying's "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" "A Thousand Bones of Flowers", "The Legend of Chu Qiao" and "Do You Know Should Be Green, Fat, Red and Slender" have all been hit dramas of the year. These "85 flowers" born around 1985 have relatively faded out of the field of fashion due to other reasons such as marriage, childbirth or career transition. This collective "appearance" has raised the audience's expectations.

  "Walking with the Phoenix" is Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin's second film after "The Legend of Chu Qiao". The audience will never forget Yu Wenyue who fell into the water at the end of "The Legend of Chu Qiao". "The Legend of Chu Qiao 2" has yet to start production. Eager anticipation shifted to "Walking with the Phoenix". "Walking with the Phoenix" centers on the heroine's growth and transformation, and is full of twists and turns, touching and gripping.

  The live-action series "Fox Fairy Matchmaker" has attracted much attention since its preparation. The two units "Moon Red Chapter" and "Bamboo Industry Chapter" are starring Yang Mi and Liu Shishi respectively, with handsome male protagonists Gong Jun and Zhang Yunlong. In addition to " The protagonist of "Handsome Men and Pretty Women" and the supporting characters such as Guo Xiaoting, Chen Duling, Zhu Xudan, Shen Yue, Zhang Ruonan, Meng Ziyi and others are also very eye-catching. The play focuses on the story of Tushan Honghong, the righteous head of the Tushan Fox clan, and Dongfang Yue, a descendant of the Dongfang family, who met and gradually fell in love. It presents an adventure journey that is both touching and full of fantasy.

IP adaptation drama is ready for release

  In 2024, many IP adapted dramas are waiting to be broadcast. "Qing Yu Nian 2" has over 10 million reservations on the platform, setting a new record. "Young White Horse Drunken in the Spring Breeze" and other films have been completed and are expected to be broadcast in 2024. No matter in terms of quantity or publicity, IP adapted dramas are gaining momentum.

  Based on the differences in the original works, the IP adaptation dramas to be broadcast in 2024 can be roughly divided into two categories, namely the "Internet Novel School" represented by "Qing Yu Nian 2" and "Dafeng Watcher", and the "Mortal Cultivation of Immortality" Comic-adapted dramas represented by "The Legend of Wu Geng" and "The Young White Horse Drunken in the Spring Breeze". Among them, the most popular one is "Celebrating More Than Years 2" starring Zhang Ruoyun. Recently, the crew of "Celebrating More Than Years" released the latest poster for the second season. Nearly 40 important actors gathered together to drink in the water, each with their own postures by the water. No matter the distance of the seats or the postures, there are plot foreshadowings, which is quite intriguing. With the emergence of important new characters such as Qing Hou played by Yu Feihong, the intricate forces behind it have emerged. The overall story of the second season is more dangerous and exciting, very interesting and attractive.

Suspenseful detective stories continue to explode

  In recent years, suspense dramas have performed very well in the market. dramas such as "The Hidden Corner", "The Long Season", "13 Years of Ashes", "Lotus House" and "Under the City" all have Douban scores of 8 points or above, and many of them have The work is a hit drama of the year. The "suspense+" formula has become a hit-making machine, and major film and television platforms have also invested a lot of energy in the creation of suspense dramas.

  In an environment where the suspense track continues to be popular, the key project "Tang Dynasty Weird Records: Journey to the West" will be launched in 2024. The first season of "Tang Dynasty Strange Stories" premiered in September 2022. Its fantasy plot and elegant way of serving have received a lot of praise. The second season is produced by Guo Jingyu and directed by Bai Shan. The original cast members return to star in the show, while Yu Yi, Paul Che and Tang Jingmei also join the cast.

  Previously adapted from Ma Boyong's novel of the same name, directed by Cao Dun and starring Lei Jiayin and Yi Yang Qianxi, the costume suspense drama "The Twelve Hours of Chang'an" was recognized by the audience for its excellent production and compact rhythm. In 2024, Ma Boyong's other masterpiece "Chang'an's Lychee" will also be put on the screen, using the perspective of ordinary people to interpret the legendary story behind "A Riding on a Red Dust Concubine Laughs". Suspense dramas such as "The Case of Di Gong of the Tang Dynasty", "Young Master's Journey to Dali Temple", "The Code of Along the River During the Qingming Festival" and "Yan Xin Ji" are waiting to be aired, which will further expand the suspense drama market.

  (Qilu Evening News reporter Liu Zongzhi)