Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, will purchase the former site of the Sogo Kashiwa Department Store, which closed eight years ago at the east exit of Kashiwa Station, from the landowner, a major real estate company, for 8.6 billion yen.

The Sogo Kashiwa store, which was located at the east exit of Kashiwa Station, was closed in 2016 due to deteriorating business performance, but the building remains as it was at the time, and the city is working with the landowner, a major real estate company, Mitsui Fudosan, to discuss its future. We have been discussing how to use the .

Regarding this, Kashiwa City Mayor Kazumi Ota announced at a press conference on the 20th that the city had agreed to purchase the land for 8.6 billion yen.

The purchase cost will be financed by an 800 million yen subsidy from the national government, and the remaining 7.8 billion yen will be covered by drawing down the city's urban development fund.

In addition, a real estate company will be responsible for demolishing the building, which is becoming increasingly dilapidated, and the land is expected to be handed over sometime in 2026.

In addition to using this land for the development of a rotary in front of the station, the city envisions using it as land for rebuilding other commercial facilities in the surrounding area.

Mayor Ota said, ``Although there was a possibility that we could build Tower Man, which would be profitable, or sell it to another business, we decided to ask for cooperation in town development.We would like to develop the station area so that it will be revitalized.'' said.