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Berlin fire department (symbolic image)

Photo: Soeren Stache / dpa

A driver pushed her car through a fire department and police station in Berlin-Wedding and hit a firefighter. The emergency services were on duty on Tuesday night because of smoke on Adolfstrasse, the police said. A firefighter had blocked off the street, but the 54-year-old woman ignored the ban on driving through and drove her car through the vehicles and forces deployed.

According to the information, the 54-year-old accelerated her car even though several police and fire departments were on the road and drove directly towards a firefighter. The 43-year-old saved himself by jumping to the side after his colleagues warned him. Shortly afterwards, the woman hit the firefighter, who stumbled and had to support himself on the hood of the car. The 37-year-old suffered pain in his foot but was able to continue his duties, it was reported.

According to police, the woman was asked to get out of her car. The 54-year-old did so reluctantly and said she was not aware of any guilt. She was taken into custody and has lost her driver's license for the time being. The police are investigating dangerous interference in traffic and bodily harm.