An exhibition of gorgeous Hina decorations that are said to have been brought by the Sendai feudal lord's princess on her wedding day was held in Kakuda City, Miyagi Prefecture, and was visited by local children.

This exhibition is being held at the Kakuda City Local Museum, and the venue displays gorgeous Hina dolls and Hina utensils that are said to have been brought by Princess Mu, the daughter of Masamune Date, the lord of Sendai, when she married into the Ishikawa family, the lords of Kakuda Castle. It is on display.

On the 20th, about 30 children from local kindergartens visited the museum to introduce the historical Hina dolls to children.

The children were given an explanation by the director about the gorgeous Hina dolls with a sense of history and the Hina utensils decorated with gold maki-e decorations that bear the Date family crest.

Then, in front of the doll decorations, everyone cheerfully sang the children's song ``Happy Hinamatsuri.''

Afterwards, the children looked at the various hina dolls from the Edo period to the Heisei era that were displayed at the venue, enjoying the early atmosphere of the Peach Festival.

A 6-year-old girl said, ``It was fun to see all the different Hina dolls. She wanted a beautiful Hina doll herself.''

This exhibition will be held at the Kakuda City Local History Museum until the 10th of next month, excluding Mondays, when the museum is closed.