A special exhibition introducing the history of the Metropolitan Police Department, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year, began on the 20th in Tokyo.

The special exhibition that began on the 20th at the Police Museum in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, divides the period from the establishment of the Metropolitan Police Department to the present day into three eras, and looks back on the events of each era with photos and documents from the time. Approximately 600 items are on display.

Among these

, the signboard of the headquarters building at the time when the building was destroyed by fire in the Great Kanto Earthquake and

the signboard of the Comprehensive Response Headquarters for the 1964 and 2021 Tokyo Olympics are being shown to the public for the first time.

In addition, actual exhibits introduce how police uniforms have changed over time.

Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Counselor of the Metropolitan Police Department's General Affairs Department, said, ``I want people to experience the 150 years of history that we have walked together with everyone to fulfill our mission of ensuring safety and security.''

The special exhibition is open until March 3rd, except on Mondays when the museum is closed.