Some people are used to using very high pillows when sleeping. A new study finds that using pillows that are too high may trigger spontaneous vertebral artery dissection, a cause of stroke. Researchers point out that sleeping high is not worry-free, and people need to pay more attention when choosing pillows.

  Researchers from Japan's National Center for Circulatory Disease Research and other institutions recently published an article in the European Journal of Stroke, saying that spontaneous vertebral artery dissection is an arterial vascular disease, and the cause is not yet clear. Since many patients have symptoms such as pain in the neck and head and pillow when they wake up, and some patients have the habit of using high pillows, they decided to study whether this disease is related to the use of high pillows.

  They used 53 patients with spontaneous vertebral artery dissection who were treated in a medical institution in Japan from 2018 to 2023 as the research subjects, and selected 53 patients with other diseases during the same period as a control group to investigate the height of pillows used by these people. . After referring to the opinions of relevant experts, the researchers defined pillows with a height of more than 12 cm as high pillows and pillows with a height of more than 15 cm as extremely high pillows.

  The survey showed that 18 patients in the spontaneous vertebral artery dissection group used pillows with a height of more than 12 cm, while only 8 in the control group. Specifically, when it comes to pillows with heights exceeding 15 cm, 9 people in the patient group used extremely high pillows, while only 1 person in the control group used extremely high pillows. The researchers say this suggests a link between pillow height and the development of spontaneous vertebral artery dissection.

  Researchers said that some patients with spontaneous vertebral artery dissection may be caused by using pillows that are too high. When using high pillows, the neck bends to a greater extent, especially when turning over and causing the neck to rotate, which can easily damage blood vessels. Therefore, it should be Avoid using pillows that are too high.

  (CCTV News Client)