China News Service, Huaihua, February 19th: The young people who returned home are performing for the Spring Festival, and the lively Dong family sees new scenes in the new year.

  Author Fu Jingyi and Li Lin

  "I originally came home during the Spring Festival to rest and vacation, but I didn't expect that I would be dragged into being an extra every day." Wearing bright Dong costumes, they presented tourists with traditional folk performances such as door-stopping wine, bamboo pole dancing, and Lusheng playing hall, Huaihua, Hunan Yang Bowen, a young man who returned from Sanli Village in Hongjiang City, had a busy and cheerful Spring Festival holiday.

  Yang Bowen, 28, has been working in Changsha since graduating from the animation major of Hunan Institute of Information. This time when he went home to celebrate the New Year, the number of tourists in the village led to a shortage of reception staff. He was recruited into the theatrical performance team to spend the lively traditional Dong New Year with tourists.

During the Spring Festival holiday, Sanli Village, the "Dong Village on the Water", celebrated the lively traditional Dong New Year with tourists. Photo by Li Lin

  Sanli Village, located at the foot of Xuefeng Mountain and on the bank of Qingjiang Lake, is an overall resettlement village for the construction of Tuokou Power Station. When a village with more than 600 years of Dong cultural heritage meets unique water resources, the village that once had weak transportation has now become a popular "Internet celebrity village", creating the reputation of "Water Dong Village".

  "This year's Spring Festival, we specially summoned young people from the village to come back to participate in folk culture rehearsals." Tang Yonggang, secretary of the Party branch of Sanli Village, said that this is not only a feast of Dong culture for tourists, but also a way for tourists who have been away from their hometown for a long time to experience the life of the Dong people. Variety. "Young people are the 'golden key' to achieve rural revitalization."

  "When you enter the village, come to the song first. There are thousands of bridges and roads for you to follow; drink this glass of colorful wine. If you don't drink it, you won't want to leave." From the Dong Village dock on the waterside of Qingjiang Lake, the melodious Lusheng welcome song sounded. The elder brother and younger sister are arranged in an orderly manner to greet the guests. Before the visiting guests enter the village, they have to sing a duet with the Dong's younger sister. If they can't sing in antiphony, they have to drink the unique "Colorful Barrier Wine".

  "I didn't expect the village to develop so well. We don't want to go out this year." The excitement and transformation of his hometown also gave Yang Bowen a new idea: to "convert" his status as an extra to a full-time actor, and then develop the Four Seasons Fruit Picking Garden with his family.

  Relying on mountain resources, the Shuangshui Dong Village has developed a fruit industry, mainly yellow peaches, supplemented by bayberry and plum, with an average annual income increase of 50 million yuan. After the reconstruction of the village, refreshing B&Bs and farmhouses are blooming everywhere... The new appearance of the hometown breeds new hope, allowing Young wanderers have new visions for the future.

  "Mom, Dad, I have decided not to go to work. I will stay and work with you." For 27-year-old Qu Baolin, the biggest change in returning to his hometown for the New Year is that his family used to live in the cabin. Tourists coming and going. The smoke rising from the corrugated roofs of the Dong Village and the vast clear rivers and lakes have become beautiful pictures that tourists can freeze with their shutters.

Sanli Village, located at the foot of Xuefeng Mountain and on the bank of Qingjiang Lake, is known as the "Dong Village on the Water". Photo by Zhang Zhuo

  Qu Baolin said that the villagers "washed their feet" as fishermen and came ashore, built rural tourism into an eco-leisure and experiential tourism industry, and improved the construction of infrastructure such as flower trails, pavilions, bamboo fences, and parking lots, and the development of their hometown Getting better and better. "My mother has now become an expert in the tourism industry."

  "The collective economic income of the village in 2023 will be more than 400,000 yuan, an increase of more than 60% over the previous year." Tang Yonggang said that Qingjiang Lake is a national 3A-level tourist attraction, and Sanli Village is a new tourism channel for the Qingshui River in the strategic cooperation between Hunan and Guizhou provinces and a large western Hunan province. As a node on the "Ancient City Business Road" boutique tourism route, Sanli Village will be bustling every year in the future. (over)