China News Service, Wenzhou, February 20 (Zhang Yicong and Xu Hang) "New Year's Eve dinner, visiting relatives from the first to the third day of the lunar month, meeting friends on the fourth day of the lunar month, and welcoming the God of Wealth on the fifth day of the lunar new year..." During this year's Spring Festival holiday, people from Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province Bai Xiao arranged his own New Year greeting plan, and before returning to work on the ninth day of the Lunar New Year, a "local tour" at home became the second half of his Spring Festival holiday.

  It is reported that the "local tourism" phenomenon is booming in many small and medium-sized cities. During the entire Spring Festival holiday, "local tourism" accounted for 24%, and it suddenly emerged in the second half of the Spring Festival.

  In addition to the overcrowding of popular scenic spots in various places, it is "hard to find a room" in B&B hotels, and more "new faces" in scenic spots have been discovered. Taking Wenzhou as an example, while the popularity of "old friends" in scenic spots such as Wuma Street and Jiangxinyu remains unabated, local people and those who "return to their hometowns" during the Chinese New Year have set their sights on the urban wetland - Sanyang Wetland.

  "My friends and I cycled around the lake, set up tents and camped, and experienced the slow-paced lifestyle while 'breathing oxygen and washing our lungs' in the Wetland Park." Bai Xiao said that he wanted freshness when traveling close to home, and the Wetland Park was "a great retreat" The unique experience of "in the city" has not only become the new favorite of young people for "local travel", but is also more suitable for different groups such as "family travel" and "young and old travel".

  Data shows that during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon in 2024, the Sanyang Wetland Scenic Area received a total of 171,900 tourists, a year-on-year increase of 40.49%, setting a new high for the same period in previous years.

During the Spring Festival of 2024, family and friends gathered at Sanyang Wetland. Photo courtesy of Wenzhou Ecological Park Management Committee

  The relevant person in charge of the Wenzhou Ecological Park Management Committee said that as the connotation of wetland protection and construction continues to enrich, the wetland ecology is actively planning to open up and build on the basis of good protection, and strives to introduce more new cultural and tourism ecology and new models. etc., and gradually lead the new trend of "slow life" and "green life" among residents and tourists.

  "We visit relatives during the Chinese New Year and can also take our family to play outside our home. This year is very fulfilling." Wenzhou citizen Ms. Look, I also took my children to participate in the Spring Festival garden activities,” she said.

  Situations like Ms. Xie's are not unique. For most people, visiting relatives is a nostalgic part of the Spring Festival, and traveling with family members creates a rare leisure time.

Plum blossoms bloom in Sanyang Wetland. Photo courtesy Qiu Qingyun

  Nowadays, as the "green kidney" of Wenzhou city, the plum blossoms on the Meiying Slope of Sanyang Wetland are dotted with flowers, and flowers are blooming in the Huadao Huaxi warm-up field on the Western Ring Road. The children's play facilities in Xiandi and the lakeside cafe in Dongbulong... jointly completed a cultural tourism "quality inspection" of "local travel" and tested the effectiveness of Wenzhou's urban organic renewal. (over)