This April, the Shikoku Konpira Kabuki Grand Theater will be held in Kotohira Town, Kagawa Prefecture for the first time in five years, and performers including Koshiro Matsumoto talked about their aspirations.

Konpira Kabuki, which has been performed at Japan's oldest existing playhouse, commonly known as "Kanamaru-za", in Kotohira Town, Kagawa Prefecture, was last canceled in 2019 due to the influence of the new coronavirus, but since Reiwa It will be held for the first time in five years after undergoing major renovations.

On the 20th, cast members Koshiro Matsumoto, Suzuemon Nakamura, Ganjiro Nakamura and others attended a press conference in Tokyo.

Among them, Koshiro Matsumoto, who was scheduled to announce his name succession at Konpira Kabuki four years ago, said, ``I can't forget that the press conference was canceled four years ago.I hope Konpira Kabuki will be revived.'' I am very grateful.The time has finally come for me to say out loud, ``Come visit Kotohira Town,'' and I hope many people will enjoy it.''

In addition, Nakamura Jakuemon, who will be performing a midair ride in a performance called ``Hagoromo,'' humorously said, ``This is my first time doing a midair jump on a flower path.I don't dislike heights, so I want to go wild on top.'' Ta.

This year's Konpira Kabuki will be closed for the first time, so the three of them were thinking about their holiday in Kotohira Town, saying things like, ``I want to go eat some delicious udon.''

Konpira Kabuki will open on April 5th and will feature four performances, including the masterpiece "Numazu" and dance.