Can free high-speed management be more refined?

The Spring Festival holiday is over, and "getting stuck on the expressway" has caused heated discussion

  At midnight on February 18, as the Spring Festival holiday came to an end, the free toll policy on expressways also came to an end. However, many cities were still in the peak period of return traffic. After midnight on the 18th, many netizens posted videos of getting off the expressway for free at stuck points. There was a traffic jam all the way, and the horns blared everywhere at the last moment of the free ride. Some netizens who passed the toll station in the last minute exclaimed excitedly: "If you get out of the stuck point, you will save more than 2,000 yuan." Of course, there are also cars that get off the expressway at exactly 1:15 and are charged the full expressway toll.

  "Getting off the expressway at a stuck point" sparked a heated discussion on the Internet, which also led to thinking: Can expressway tolls be managed in a more refined manner?

Some car owners failed to "get stuck"

Charged for the entire highway journey

  At midnight on February 18, the toll-free period for expressways ended during the Spring Festival. Netizens said that at the boat-shaped toll station in Yanling County, Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, some car owners failed to get off the expressway before midnight due to traffic congestion and had a dispute with the toll station. Willing to leave, causing traffic jams.

  The video shows that at the Yanling County boat-shaped toll station, at the last moment when the expressway was free, many car owners frantically honked their horns to urge the vehicles in front. Some car owners who did not get stuck on the expressway were charged the full expressway toll.

  On the morning of February 19, the reporter contacted the staff of the Yanling County boat-shaped toll station to inquire about the relevant situation. According to the staff, the evening of the 17th was the peak time for returning from the holiday. The G0422 Wushen Expressway had heavy traffic volume, and the diverted vehicles gathered together, so the traffic was slow. The provincial road at the exit was a mountainous road with complex terrain. At the same time, it was in a high-speed free transfer area. At this key toll gate, many drivers choose to get off the nearest expressway. The vehicles ahead are congested and moving slowly, and the number of vehicles behind is increasing, causing some vehicles to be blocked at the exit of the toll station and unable to pass, missing the free period.

  In response to the many cases where people have to pay the full toll due to overtime when exiting the expressway, the toll station staff said that on the one hand, the toll station will take various measures to clear the blockage and cooperate with the traffic police department to ensure smooth passage and allow everyone to pass quickly, within the prescribed time. You can enjoy the preferential policies within the time limit; on the other hand, car owners are reminded to plan their time and route in advance. Car owners with long distances can go to more toll stations or go to the toll station in advance to avoid overtime payment of the entire journey.

special handling

There are toll stations extending the free time for vehicles

  On February 18, some netizens posted a video praising the Jiangxi Communications Investment Daguang Expressway Hengshi toll station. It also allowed vehicles to pass for free at 00:30 on the 18th, sparking heated discussion. Some netizens said this was very humane, while others thought it was a violation of rules.

  In response, the staff of Jiangxi Communications Investment Ji'andong Management Center responded that because there was a traffic jam at the time, vehicles that had entered the ramp before 24:00 were free of charge. Vehicles that failed to enter the ramp before 24:00 and were still blocked were not free. . "This cannot be said to be in compliance with regulations, because it is indeed quite congested. The leader was considering special circumstances, so he made special arrangements."

Discussion and reflection

Can free high-speed services be more user-friendly?

  The "stuck point on the expressway" incident triggered discussion and reflection on the rules of free expressway periods. Although the regulations are clear and are based on the time when the vehicle leaves the toll station, for some drivers, even if they plan their return time in advance, they will miss the free period and be charged the full highway toll due to road congestion, which is unavoidable. no in good mood.

  Some netizens pointed out that there are many cameras on the highway. Can the first shooting record after midnight be used as the basis to record the distance and charge corresponding fees instead of the full fee? Some experts believe that this is technically and theoretically feasible. In recent years, many gantry equipped with cameras and other equipment have appeared on highways. Their main purpose is to record vehicle driving paths, traffic information, traffic flow, vehicle illegal exposure, etc. For vehicles equipped with ETC, the distance traveled during free periods and charged periods can be calculated separately.

  Some netizens also asked whether the free driving distance can be set and calculated in terms of distance instead of time. Some netizens also suggested that during the Spring Festival, they hope that the first time a vehicle enters the expressway will be free for seven days. "For example, driving back to your hometown on the second day of the Lunar New Year and returning to work on the ninth day of the Lunar New Year will create off-peak travel."

  West China Metropolis Daily - Cover News Reporter Yang Jiyue Comprehensive CCTV, Jiangxi Daily