China News Service, Jinzhong, February 14th (Yang Jieying Wisdom Ping) "The Hometown of Shanxi Merchants" Shanxi Jinzhong 2024 New Year Shanxi Merchants Return Project Promotion Conference was held in Pingyao County on the 13th. Chinese central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, and private entrepreneurs from outside Shanxi Representatives and entrepreneurs from Jinzhong Chamber of Commerce and entrepreneurs from other places returned to their hometowns to reunite and discuss development.

On-site promotion meeting. Photo by Zhang Haoliang

  With the theme of "Hometown Jinzhong, World Pingyao, Create a Future Together", this promotion conference will talk about nostalgia, enjoy opportunities, and seek development, further strengthen foreign exchanges and cooperation, promote both investment and talent recruitment, and promote Shanxi businessmen to return to entrepreneurship and development. , accumulate new momentum for high-quality development, and strive to be the first in promoting high-quality development in the province.

  Chang Shuming, Secretary of the Jinzhong Municipal Party Committee, pointed out that Jinzhong values ​​​​business and protects business, and the private economy has the earliest start in the province. The government and private enterprises have been working together for 40 years, and the concept of "Businesses prosper, Jinzhong prospers" is deeply rooted; Shang An Shang has built the "Jinxin Office" brand of government services, opened high-quality development windows, and created a diversified dispute resolution model in Jinzhong, and was awarded the "2023 Business Environment Innovation Demonstration City"; Jinzhong has prospered business and wealthy businessmen, and has precise national and provincial policies to benefit enterprises. Direct delivery, resolutely honor the promised preferential policies, and sincerely give everyone the highest courtesy for development in Jinzhong.

  Chang Shuming said that he hopes that everyone will actively return to their hometowns, be doers in industrial projects, lead industries back to their hometowns, return capital, return technology, and bring talents home, and help high-quality development in their hometowns; be partners in technological innovation and participate in in-depth exploration The University Town is a "rich mine" that promotes the research and development and transformation of innovative achievements in Jinzhong; serves as a golden bridge to attract investment, actively attracts high-quality elements, high-quality projects, and high-quality talents to gather in Jinzhong and start businesses in Jinzhong; and serves as a publicist to promote hometowns. , let more people know about Jinzhong, come into Jinzhong, and fall in love with Jinzhong.

  Invest in Jinzhong and win in the future. Chang Shuming pointed out that Jinzhong will spare no effort to promote the implementation of the signed projects and adopt an attitude like a bird returning to the forest, so that all enterprises investing in Jinzhong can feel at ease; create the desired speed and regard the demands of enterprises as the first priority As a signal, we must solve every difficulty to improve the accuracy and penetration of our services, so that all entrepreneurs who choose Jinzhong will be treated as "one family"; we will provide the warmth of spring breeze and establish a "whatever the enterprise needs, we will provide it" The normalized generation mechanism of value-added services ensures that all projects settled in Jinzhong have government guarantees and escorts, making every investment win "full of praise".

  Liu Xing, deputy secretary of the Jinzhong Municipal Party Committee and mayor, pointed out in his speech that Jinzhong, the "hometown of Shanxi merchants", has profound historical and cultural heritage and beautiful mountains and rivers. It is a place where people from outside Jinzhong can see the mountains, see the water, and remember the nostalgia. Always concerned; Jinzhong is rich in resources, superior location, convenient transportation, coordinated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and accelerated development of eight emerging industries such as new energy vehicles and high-end equipment manufacturing; Jinzhong is a city of universities, a city of youth, and a university town in Shanxi Just in Jinzhong, 21 universities and 346,000 teachers and students in the city are the source of innovation and hope.

  Liu Xing said that currently, Jinzhong City is vigorously implementing the "156" strategic measures, actively promoting "dual integration and mass entrepreneurship", accelerating the construction of a youth-friendly city full of passion and vitality, and striving to take the lead in promoting high-quality development in the province. Shanxi merchant culture is a valuable asset. It is the continuation of this culture and the inheritance of blood that drives the new generation of Shanxi merchants to go out to enter the market and return to their hometown to repay their family roots. Jinzhong City will provide more preferential policies and more considerate services to allow everyone to invest with confidence and focus on development. I hope that all entrepreneurs will be strong and think about their origins, return to their hometowns, take advantage of their broad vision, wide network, and multiple platforms to promote the return of more industries, capital return, and project investment, and work together to continue to write new glory for new businesses in the new era, and work together to write China Chapter of Jinzhong modernization.

Project signing ceremony. Photo by Yang Yang

  There were 12 projects signed at the promotion meeting, with a total investment of 13.136 billion yuan. Participants also watched the promotional video of Jinzhong City’s investment promotion; Pingyao County made a publicity and promotion. After the meeting, the participants walked into the ancient city of Pingyao, watched "Meet Pingyao Again" and experienced activities related to the "Year of China in Pingyao". They felt the strong flavor of the year in the ancient city with thousands of years, and appreciated the style, charm and beauty of their hometown. (over)