China News Service, Beijing, February 12 (Xinhua) Jia Ling trotted out amid a long list of introductions from her good friend Yang Di. "Wow!" The audience's exclamations mixed with cheers, and Jia Ling burst into tears instantly.

  On the third day of the Lunar New Year, the crew of "Hot and Spicy" had their first road show. This is Jia Ling's first offline public appearance after a year and a half. Casual suit, simple low ponytail, calm and intellectual.

  The picture shows Jia Ling. Source: Sino-Singapore Entertainment Weibo

  Although the screens have been flooded with her various interviews in the past few days, many viewers were still shocked when they saw her offline. Suddenly, I felt empathy with Lei Jiayin and Sha Yi who met Jia Ling for the first time after losing weight. Shocked and distressed. Only she herself knows what happened behind Jia Ling’s 100 pounds.

  Especially after watching the movie.

  The movie "It's Hot" currently has mixed reviews and even some polarizing reviews. People who like it find it full of laughter, tears, shock and encouragement, while those who don't like it think this is Jia Ling's weight loss documentary, with more hype than strength, and the first half is even a bit depressing.

  In fact, as a Spring Festival film for families to celebrate the New Year, this film far exceeds the qualifications. As an inspirational film that encourages people to become "better selves", this film has no momentum at all to "educate people with arms crossed".

  Jia Ling and Le Ying's starting point is simple: you only have one life, change your life.

  After Leying transformed, facing the long corridor, the theater was filled with sobs. There are too many people who set the flag to lose xx pounds, but how many people actually do it?

  And when Jia Ling was filming the scene where she weighed more than 200 pounds and gave a thumbs up to her future self, did Jia Ling really have confidence in her future self? The simplest worry: If she fails to lose weight, will this scene look like a joke?

  Her persistence and success will make many people’s New Year flags concrete and firm. Even if life is not very hot, at least I have become a better version of myself.

  She said she was hungry and tired, but she was happy. She was particularly happy when she heard the applause from the audience after the show.

  At the first meeting, Jia Ling shed tears several times, but she was still the funny comedian who teased Lei Jiayin and Yang Di without mercy.

  The picture shows fans coming to the stage to hug Jia Ling. Source: Sino-Singapore Entertainment Weibo

  But she will also very softly ask fans to come on stage to hug her. She wrote in a long post before:

  "If you see me during a road show, can you go on stage and give me a hug if you have the chance? Although I may feel a little 'hard' when you hug me now, I really miss you!"

  Domestic entertainment lost "half of Jia Ling", but it did not lose an excellent comedian, and gained an excellent female director. (over)