You may have never been to Shaoxing

But you must be yearning for a place like this——

Here there is a long history of literature and art written by Lu Xun

See again the Jiangnan water town with a leisurely boat

You can also taste the mellow yellow rice wine that is famous both at home and abroad.

In addition to these well-known scenic spots and specialties, Shaoxing during the Spring Festival is even more prosperous and has a unique New Year atmosphere.

Rich sauce flavor, ancient town style, opera and art

Both delicious food and beautiful scenery

See more culture and humanity

Come to the water town of Shaoxing to celebrate the New Year

Experience the different beautiful scenery of Jiangnan


Fragrant sauce flavor

The rich flavor of the New Year starts here

  When you think of Jiangnan Water Town, your first reaction may be the tranquility and tranquility of small bridges and flowing water, but this is not rich enough for Shaoxing during the Spring Festival.

  Every household that lives by the water is hung with "sauce" in front of its doors, which is the most iconic scenery of the ancient town of Shaoxing that has a strong New Year flavor during the New Year.

The drying site of sauce products in Anchang Ancient Town. Photo by Xiang Jing

  Anchang, Keqiao, Shaoxing is prosperous because of water, and the sauce culture has flourished since ancient times. Over thousands of years, sun-dried "sauce products" have developed into Shaoxing's unique New Year custom culture. Sauce meat, soy duck, and soy dried fish. Shaoxing's New Year flavor becomes more and more intense with the fragrance of soy sauce in every household.

  During the Spring Festival, in Anchang Ancient Town, every house in the ancient town is covered with "sauce products" in front of the eaves, windows and along the street corridors. Each "sauce boss" is busy attracting customers, "showing off" the different customs of the ancient town in the human fireworks.

Tourists choose sauces. Photo courtesy of Anchang Street


Jiangnan style

Unlock multiple ways to open the water town

  The rich New Year flavor of Shaoxing is of course not only the rich and fragrant sauce, but also the rich fragrance of flowers and the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan in the misty boat.

  Shaoxing has a long history of planting flowers and seedlings, and is known as the "Hometown of Flowers and Trees". Many people love to plant and grow flowers. At the beginning of the New Year, buying New Year flowers has become a New Year custom for many local families in Shaoxing. People decorate their doors and courtyards with fragrant flowers to welcome the arrival of the New Year amidst the blooming flowers.

Merchants arrange New Year's Eve flowers. Photo by Xiang Jing

  With small bridges and flowing water, green bricks and white tiles, the ancient town of Anchang in Shaoxing is a traditional water town in the south of the Yangtze River with a history of thousands of years. It is known as "blue water runs through the streets for tens of thousands of residents, and rainbows span seventeen bridges across the river." Here, you can see The most ancient and poetic water town style.

A glimpse of the ancient town of Anchang. Photo courtesy of Anchang Ancient Town

  Take a small boat and rock slowly, feel the tranquility and beauty of the water town in the clear water and blue sky, and experience Shaoxing's unique way of opening the Spring Festival.

Aerial photography of the river in Anchang Ancient Town. Photo by Wang Gang

  When the traditional charm of the water town meets the festive atmosphere of the new year, new sparks of brilliance will be created.

  Cangqiao Zhi Street, located in Yuecheng District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, has already shown a strong New Year atmosphere. In order to welcome the New Year, the sky above the ancient street has been filled with colorful lanterns. Even if it rains recently, it has not stopped tourists from visiting and enjoying it.

Tourists walk through the ancient streets in the rain. Photo by Xiang Jing

  Drinking tea in the rain and quietly watching the boats sailing are both joyful and leisurely. How can you not be fascinated by it?

Tourists drink tea by the river. Photo by Xiang Jing

  The "Dragon Boat" parade on the Shaoxing Canal perfectly blends the water town customs with the Spring Festival. 50 awning boats are connected in the shape of a "dragon" and slowly pass through the ancient canal in eastern Zhejiang, shining and lighting up in the night. Ancient river channel.

The "Wandering Dragon" composed of awning boats parades in the ancient city of Shaoxing. Photo by Xiang Jing

  In addition, Shaoxing also has the characteristic folk custom of the dragon patrolling the streets to welcome the New Year. The dragons move around and present blessings to thousands of families to celebrate the New Year together in traditional customs.

Bench dragon patrols the streets. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Business Travel Canal Group


Wenqu Shaoxing

The context is long and the character is strong,

The sound of drama has been passed down for thousands of years

  In addition to its natural scenery and folk customs, Shaoxing’s unique cultural folk arts are also worthy of your visit to this city!

  Have you ever been curious about what Mr. Lu Xun’s Baicao Garden and Sanwei Bookstore look like in reality?

  Lu Xun’s hometown is the place where Mr. Lu Xun lived when he was a boy. The scenic area retains the old buildings of the year, restores the Tugu Temple and Shoujiatai Gate written by Lu Xun, and reproduces scenes from primary school textbooks such as Baicao Garden and Sanwei Bookstore, allowing visitors to experience Lu Xun's life in a three-dimensional way and experience the rich cultural connotation. .

Source: China News Service, photo courtesy of Shaoxing Lu Xun Memorial Hall

  Listening to and watching operas is an indispensable traditional activity for Chinese people to celebrate the Spring Festival. Whether you are an old opera fan who admires tradition or a young person who wants to learn about opera, Shaoxing, as the birthplace of Yue Opera, or the variety of traditional or innovative folk art programs, there is always something that can touch your heart.

  In 2023, the new Chinese style and environmental Yue opera "New Longmen Inn" launched by Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Theater and others became a hit on the Internet. The actors' beautiful appearance and chic performances in the play attracted countless fans in the circle, injecting a youthful atmosphere into the traditional opera.

Stills from "New Dragon Inn". Photo courtesy of the environmental Yue opera "New Longmen Inn"

  The large-scale original dance drama "Xi Shi" was performed at the Xi Shi Grand Theater in Zhuji City, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, the "hometown of Xi Shi". The story of Xi Shi "cutting off her cable to go to her family and country for justice" interprets the power of a woman and her feelings for her family and country, and shows the unique charm of the dance drama.

Dance drama "Xi Shi" performance scene. Photo courtesy of Zhuji Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department

  In addition to the Grand Theater, the "Grass Team" set up in the village is even more unique and has a strong New Year flavor.

  In Shaoxing, the folk custom of listening to and singing operas is also popular. Amid the laughter of neighbors and folks, the villagers’ lively and festive “village evening” made the New Year’s flavor even more heartwarming and down-to-earth.

The scene of the "Village Evening" event held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang. Photo by Fan Yubin

The beautiful scenery in the south of the Yangtze River, I only wish to be with you

Come to Shaoxing and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the ancient water town.

Come to Shaoxing and experience the unique folk customs together

Come to Shaoxing and celebrate a special New Year in this ancient city with outstanding people

  Author: Zhou Wei, Tang Yufei