The rapper noted that he decided to write and release the composition after a trip to Donbass.

“The idea itself came to me after one of my trips to Donbass. Not to say that I had a goal - to write just such a song, but I somehow understood that we needed similar songs that would be heard there, in new territories, including among our guys. Songs with a certain meaning, carrying certain ideas. This song might never have been released if it weren’t for my trip to the guys, because it doesn’t quite look like the ST artist’s repertoire familiar to listeners, and for a long time I didn’t understand how to release it. But you see how it turned out,” he said.

According to the artist, he is “very glad that the song resonates in the hearts of people.”

“The success of the track was not the goal itself. The goal was to support our guys, and the fact that the song receives such a response from the people, including the media, is interested, they constantly send me different videos from various channels, this makes me very happy,” said ST.

The musician also commented on the “folk” videos that are published online along with his track. The composition “Give Him Strength” was released on February 9 and quickly won the love of Russians. 

“Since the cover of the song is a child’s drawing, I saw people posting videos of children drawing, apparently, drawings for February 23 under this song,” the rapper said. — I think that this says, first of all, that there is a very shortage of such songs. And the more of them appear, the more such songs great artists sing, the better it will be for all of us in today’s situation.”

Alexander Stepanov clarified that the theme of love for the country has always been present in his repertoire.

“I have a song “Beach”, in the song “Forever Young” there are lines about love for the Motherland, there is a whole album “Russian” with the song “Before Dawn”, that is, the theme of love for the Motherland has long been an integral part of my work,” explained ST. “I love and am proud of the country where I grew up, and I am very grateful to it and its people. And what’s happening on the Internet now (people are posting videos to the song “Give him strength.” -


) only strengthens my love and gratitude for the audience and my listeners, because they are the ones who make artists who they are.”

Earlier it was reported that rapper ST recorded a joint composition with an artist from the LPR.