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Military and strategic expert Major General Fayez Al-Duwairi believes that the Israeli occupation has begun the escalation in the Rafah Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip, but has not yet begun the military operation he is talking about, stressing that US President Joe Biden approved the plan in his phone call yesterday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Al-Duwairi’s words came as a comment on the developments taking place in the governorate, where the occupation launched a violent bombardment on Rafah, which led to the death of 63 people. It launched - as he said - attacks on “specific” targets in the Al-Shaboura area in Rafah, and was able to free two Israelis in a special operation.

Al-Duwairi described - in his daily military analysis on Al Jazeera - the Israeli military operation in Rafah as “extremely complex and dangerous and will be bloody,” and different from the battles of Khan Yunis (south of the Gaza Strip) and the battles in the center and north.

The next step for the occupation, Al-Duwairi adds, will be to deal with the human mass present in Rafah, otherwise there will be genocide, saying, “The real battle cannot begin in Rafah in light of the human crowding, unless the world wants to close its eyes and there will be a human liquidation of the Palestinians.” .

He spoke about the refusal of a large portion of the people of Rafah to leave their area, which means - according to the military expert - committing massacres that may be limited in scope at first and then expand, highlighting that the approach of the occupation army is a bloody approach because it enjoys American support and cover, and he confirmed that Biden approved a plan yesterday. Invading Rafah and giving the green light to implement it.

Regarding the occupation army’s claim that the leaders of the Palestinian resistance are present in Rafah, Al-Duwairi indicated that it is merely speculation and assumptions, and the occupation had expected that the leaders of the first row of the resistance, such as Yahya Al-Sinwar and others, would be present in Khan Yunis.

Source: Al Jazeera