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With luck, the common mortal manages to find time to go to the gym for a couple of days, three at most, to train. Those who like to run may feel fulfilled crossing a 10-kilometer finish line in a popular race. Although there are more and more


around the world - for example, applications like Strava - it is difficult to get the idea of ​​what it can be like to accumulate

220 kilometers per week

on your legs. Practically like going from Madrid to Salamanca. But in sneakers. This is the usual routine of the athlete

Sharon Lokedi

(Eldoret, Kenya, March 10, 1994), who is classified as a

great long-distance prospect


In his debut, 2022, he achieved the feat of

winning the New York marathon

with a time of 2:23:23 and, after having completed the 42.195 kilometers again last November in the city of skyscrapers, he is already aspiring to the Games Paris Olympics. His next appointment is Boston, April 17. "It was incredible, a feeling that I had never experienced. I thought I

could achieve anything I set my mind to

. That there was no turning back and the blockages were over," she says, still excited to remember, visiting Barcelona to present the new


shoe. Under Armor Infinite Elite, which tests you through Montjuïc Park with easy recovery runs.


Smiling elite athlete Sharon Lokedi, 29.JAMES BRYANT

Every day, the Kenyan woman gets up with discipline at five-thirty in the morning. "I have a good breakfast, I go for a run, I eat, I take a nap, I run again, I do a long stretching or physical therapy session and I have dinner," she describes in detail to ZEN. Her recovery and rest is as important to her as her own training. "If I don't manage to take

a couple of naps,

I sleep for an hour and a half," she says, laughing. "I feel fresh after my

power nap

." This ritual of energizing nods, widespread in the world of sports, is also a staple for tennis player Carlos Alcaraz.

Another key to marathon running is managing

negative thoughts

, given that such a long competition can play tricks on a mental block. "I try to visualize very pleasant moments from other races that have gone well for me or I remember my family and enjoy what I have around me."


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Supplementation also plays its role in helping. "As athletes, quantities and combinations are measured a lot so that no nutrient is missing. We make very complete and dense meals calculated by a nutritionist and we have that extra contribution from food supplements. For me it is vital to take

iron and Omega 3

against the inflammation".

Lokedi runs outdoors to get his

daily dose of vitamin D

in the sun and tries to include protein in all his dishes to strengthen and maintain bones and muscles. "I drink a lot of milk to make sure I have calcium and

water with electrolytes

to stay hydrated, because I sweat a lot and lose minerals."

It is usually not restricted. "You need a lot of energy and if my body asks for it, I eat." Her

cheat meal

is pizza, a glass of wine and chocolate. "I burn so much that I don't have problems with my diet. What I do try to do

is go to bed early

," she confesses.


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Strength exercises prevent injuries and through meditation you relax. "When I'm very

tired or stressed, I draw

. Sitting down and imagining what I'm going to paint and getting creative calms my mind."

What do you do to protect your pelvic floor? "My personal trainer always insists on a very strong


and we develop specific routines," she says. We ask for some advice for the beginner runner: "Start

softly and trust the process

, not trying too hard at the beginning." And look for one or two people to feel accompanied, he adds. "Lean on others to be better. Make it easy, enjoying yourself instead of going to the limit. It's about adding the next mile, not getting injured."

The Kenyan believes that a good

training plan

includes series, changes of pace, long runs,

easy runs

and rests. "If you run fast today, you can't run fast tomorrow. Give your body time to recover or you'll put it in danger. There's no need to rush." She started running to school every day. Today she is the inspiration for


. "


should not limit themselves. With an open mind, focusing on yourself and not being distracted by others you will see what you are capable of achieving." What if someone aspires to the marathon? "Train well, be patient with yourself and don't think too much. Just enjoy and trust."