China News Service, Taizhou, February 12 (Fu Feiyang and Luo Liangcheng) "Be happier, smile again, and hold your hands closer..." During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, photographer Wang Minzhi walked on the streets of Huangyan, Taizhou, Zhejiang, taking pictures of sanitation workers. New Year photos.

  This is the fourth year that Wang Minzhi has taken New Year couple photos for sanitation workers for free. So far, he has recorded warm moments for 62 "sanitation couples" and recorded work and life moments for more than 200 sanitation workers.

  Jiang Yankuan and Jiang Zhao are a "sanitation husband and wife team" from Anhui. This is their fourth time staying in Taizhou for the New Year. Jiang Yankuan, 61, has been engaged in local sanitation work for more than 20 years. Five years ago, Ms. Jiang Zhao quit her job in a factory and became a sanitation worker. From Hengjie Road to Labor Road, and then to Huangchang Road... "sweeping the streets" day after day is their daily routine.

  In life, they rarely took photos, and they didn't even take any commemorative photos when they got married. Recently, Wang Minzhi took New Year photos for the couple to commemorate their 38th wedding anniversary. In the photo, Jiang Yankuan and Jiang Zhao are smiling, and the red background looks particularly festive.

Wang Minzhi takes photos for the "Environmental Sanitation Couple". Photo courtesy of Luo Liangcheng

  "I want everyone to see another side of the sanitation workers, and I want to give them a photo that they will keep for many years to come. They are very pure, and their smiles are particularly contagious. In this way, I want to give them a gift from this place. A sense of belonging to the city." When interviewed, Wang Minzhi said that every time she saw the happiness of sanitation workers after receiving the photos, she would be very satisfied.

  In order to capture the most realistic scenes, Wang Minzhi cooperated with the sanitation workers' work and rest schedules. She went out with her camera at dawn and captured every moment worth recording on the road where the sanitation workers were working.

Wang Minzhi (right) shows photos to sanitation workers. Photo courtesy of Luo Liangcheng

  In addition, with the help of the sanitation department, he actively contacted the local "sanitation husband and wife team", arranged pendants with red backgrounds and New Year elements, and purchased red scarves to prepare for inviting them to take New Year photos. "Sanitation workers are very busy. They have to make an appointment for each shooting and return to work immediately after shooting, trying not to delay work." Wang Minzhi said.

  Wang Minzhi said that he takes every photo with care. The closer he gets and the better he understands, the more moved he is by their simplicity and kindness. One after another, year after year, he enjoys it. . It’s a small town with great love. It may be cold in winter, but the photos with the flavor of the New Year are very “warm”. (over)