Today (9th) is New Year’s Eve. Have you purchased all the New Year’s goods at home? Statistics show that this year, the proportion of people born after 1995 participating in buying New Year goods has increased, and they have a new definition of the flavor of the New Year.

Good looks + sense of ceremony

New Year's goods focus on "full atmosphere"

  The shelves in supermarkets are filled with New Year's goods, filled with the atmosphere of the Spring Festival. In addition to traditional New Year's goods such as fruits, dried fruits, and candies, snack gift boxes in the shape of firecrackers and lanterns occupy the main place.

  In the shopping carts of young people, there are novel and personalized "countdown calendar" chocolates, potato chips decorated with one-meter-long balloons, and popcorn designed in the shape of a treasure box. Trendy snacks, co-branded gift boxes, high-quality fruits and other high-looking and ceremonial products have become the favorites of young people.

  Consumer Mr. Zhang: I have also worked this year and made money. I would like to use my own money to cook a New Year’s Eve dinner for my family. It will be more elaborate and have a more festive feel.

  The prosperous and unique "atmosphere group" New Year's Eve flowers such as silver willow buckets and golden fruits are also important New Year products for young consumers to show their individuality. In front of the supermarket's flower display stand, customers are constantly packing and boxing.

  Supermarket staff member Teng Hao: The sales of New Year's Eve flowers this year, taking Phalaenopsis as an example, have nearly doubled in recent sales compared to the same period last year.

High quality + differentiation

New Year’s Eve dinner tables are different

  In addition to new year's goods such as fruits, snacks, and flowers, what to cook for the New Year's Eve dinner is also the most important thing for young people during the New Year. In some places, the New Year's Eve dinner is mainly based on vegetables, pork, beef, mutton and other meats, but after young people participate in buying New Year's goods, the "hard dishes" in the New Year's Eve dinner become different.

  In a market in Hunchun, Jilin, young people buying seafood and parents picking up the goods come one after another.

  The "hesitation" of the parents when picking up the goods was in contrast to the "decisiveness" of the young people on the other side. Fresh seafood that was rarely seen in the Northeast Market in previous years was quickly picked up by several young people.

  Merchant Tai Lina: We sell both online and offline, and the sales are very good. It is normal to order seven to eight hundred seafood orders a day. There are more young people ordering, accounting for about 80%.

  In this live broadcast base in Yantai, every live broadcast room is busy recommending the newly arrived seafood, and various gift boxes have become the first choice for young people to buy new year goods and give gifts to their elders.

  From the older generation packing large and small packages of New Year’s goods that crowded the wet markets, to today’s young people busying themselves online and offline, the way to unlock New Year’s goods has changed from “stocking up on food” to “improving quality.”

New Chinese style + new peculiarity

Hot-selling trendy clothing in the Year of the Dragon

  In addition to eating well during the Chinese New Year, eating with personality and taste, what to wear, and what to play are what young people born in 1995 pay special attention to.

  Trendy toys and fashionable clothing with social, cultural and other attributes have also become new New Year goods for them to reward themselves.

  In a studio in Hangzhou, a handmade designer is showing off this year's newly designed Chinese-style fish lamp.

  Handmade designer Wang Danqing: The fish turns into a dragon, taking the lead, and is very popular among young people.

  In addition to fish lanterns, recently on social platforms, handmade intangible cultural heritage faucet hats have also become a hot-selling item during the Spring Festival. More than 150,000 people searched for dragon hat related terms, and more than 6,000 people posted notes showing how to wear dragon hats and sharing DIY tutorials.

  In a trendy toy store in Beijing, this year's new Mecha Dragon toy is very popular among young people. Mr. Lian, who was born in 1998, made a special trip to try this product offline.

  Consumer Mr. Lian: The transformation toy turns a long image like a dragon into a square box. This is quite interesting.

  Wang Yin, senior product director of a toy manufacturer: It is not a very traditional or simple ornament. It can be played with while watching, and it can challenge your logical thinking ability. This is in line with the preferences of today's young people.

  During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, “national style + trend” has become a favorite among young consumers. Comprehensive online sales platform data shows that the transaction volume of dragon-shaped hairpins has increased nearly 6 times. Since January, the search volume for "New Chinese Song Brocade" has increased by nearly 7 times and more than 20 times month-on-month respectively.

A new space for check-in culture

New experience during the Spring Festival

  During the Spring Festival holiday, various new cultural spaces were launched across the country. New cultural space refers to new cultural formats and new scenes that have emerged based on the development of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. The new cultural space combines traditional culture, so citizens and tourists can have new experiences in the New Year.

  In the Xuanwu Lake Scenic Area in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, in addition to launching traditional projects such as migratory bird watching and wax plum viewing, it also focuses on creating "Dragon Culture" themed activities. In particular, the "Flying Dragon in the Sky" project launched at night is very popular. It uses naked-eye 3D holographic technology to make flying dragons dance in the sky on the lake to send New Year blessings to tourists.

  On Riyue Island in Sheyang, Jiangsu, more than 120 children visited the space park during the space carnival, entered a simulated space station to experience the life of an astronaut, and could also pick up a paintbrush to draw their own space dreams.

  At the first New Year Customs and Culture Festival in Hangchuan Village, Jiande, Zhejiang, activities such as blessing parades and Wu opera performances were performed in new ways by local young people. Everyone innovated to experience interesting New Year customs and feel the strong New Year flavor. In Pingyi, Jiaxiang and other places in Shandong, Confucian cultural activities are held wonderfully, allowing citizens and tourists to come here to watch performances, appreciate lanterns, experience intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, and feel the charm of traditional culture.

  (CCTV reporter Zhao Shuguang and Yang Litian)