Domestic travel is more diverse and outbound travel is more convenient

  Traveling to celebrate the New Year has become a “New Year custom”

  Reporters learned from a number of travel agencies and online travel platforms that domestic and outbound travel will see substantial growth during the Spring Festival holiday. A variety of ice and snow tours, winter vacation tours, New Year tours, etc. are popular among people. Travel during the New Year is becoming more and more innovative and has become a "New Year custom".

Ice and snow tourism is popular

  The Spring Festival holiday will usher in the first travel peak in 2024. Mafengwo’s big data shows that recently, the popularity of “Where to go during the Spring Festival” has increased by 350%, and is showing a rising trend. The most popular travel theme during the Spring Festival holiday is ice and snow travel. Ice and snow experience projects such as skating and skiing, as well as various ice and snow sightseeing projects, are popular among tourists.

  Ski resorts across the country are expected to see their highest reception of the whole year during the Spring Festival. "During the Spring Festival, ski resort accommodation is more in demand than snow tickets. Experienced tourists often book months in advance. Recently, the number of orders on Meituan, Dianping and other platforms has continued to rise, and only a small number of rooms are on sale." A ski resort in Zhangjiakou Introduction by the person in charge.

  Recently, Harbin's popular "out of the circle" not only promotes the development of local tourism, but also drives the ice and snow tourism market in the entire Northeast and even the country to heat up. Ctrip data shows that Harbin’s tourism popularity continued from New Year’s Day to the Spring Festival holiday, and the number of travel orders increased by more than 14 times year-on-year. In addition to visiting the world of ice and snow, tourists also like to experience local daily life. Going to the Hongzhuan Street morning market to taste authentic food has become a popular experience in Harbin.

  During the Spring Festival holiday, the number of orders for ice and snow tourism products across the country increased by more than 10 times year-on-year. Popular destinations are mostly northern cities, including Harbin, Mudanjiang, Changchun, Baishan, Beijing, Urumqi, Jilin, Yanbian, etc.; the main source of tourists are mostly southern cities. Including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Foshan, etc.

  Tuniu travel data shows that group tours departing during the Spring Festival in Harbin, Yabuli, Mohe and other places were basically sold out in mid-December last year. In addition, niche destinations in Northeast China such as Hegang, Qitaihe, Yichun, Jixi, and Heihe attract many young tourists.

  While ice and snow tourism products are highly sought after, winter vacations have also become the choice of many tourists. The popularity of bookings in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan and other places has increased significantly compared with last year's Spring Festival. The number of travel bookings in Sanya, Kunming and other cold-shelter cities favored by northern tourists increased by more than 2 times and 6 times respectively year-on-year. Guangdong, Fujian, and Sichuan are popular hot spring tourist destinations. Island travel has also attracted much attention. Tongcheng Travel data shows that since January, search interest in Sanya tourism has increased by 302% month-on-month, and search interest in Zhoushan tourism has increased by 242% month-on-month.

  Go to Huayan Temple in Datong to pray, go to Jingdezhen to "knock porcelain bowls", go to Luoyang to eat water mats, go to Shangrao to make rice cakes, go to Mudanjiang to watch yangko, go to Baise to "send rice dumplings", go to Liuzhou to make snail noodles... Looking for the flavor of the New Year in a small town It has become a new trend in Spring Festival travel. These destinations have distinctive Spring Festival folk customs, affordable air tickets and hotel prices, relatively few tourists, and good value for money and experience, and are favored by many tourists. Qunar’s big data shows that during the Spring Festival, hotel bookings in Luoyang, Jingdezhen, Shangrao, Liuzhou, Foshan, Taizhou, Jiujiang, Huangshan, Zhangjiajie, Baoshan and other places increased year-on-year at a higher rate.

New Year’s experience is popular

  The Spring Festival is a festival of reunions, and family travel has become one of the most significant features of Spring Festival travel. Fliggy data shows that bookings for domestic group tours with families have increased 16 times year-on-year, and bookings for related chartered tours, customized tours, and park tickets have all increased more than 10 times year-on-year.

  Put on Hanfu and take photos among the carved ancient buildings, experience Spring Festival folk customs at the market, and taste New Year's Eve dinners in different places during travel... When traveling during the Spring Festival, people's pursuit of the flavor of the New Year has become more and more obvious, and New Year's custom experience tours are a great choice for families Among the travel methods favored by tourists, "cultural tours", "folklore tours" and "paradise tours", including experiences such as markets, folk customs, intangible cultural heritage, and performances, are the most popular among young people.

  Traditional annual activities such as unique folk experiences, intangible cultural performances, temple fairs, New Year prayers, etc. have been continuously integrated and innovated with fashion elements in recent years. The "One Night Fish and Dragon Dance" at the Shanghai Yuyuan Lantern Festival interprets oriental aesthetics and has become a must-see attraction. In Huangshan, tourists can not only watch the "Fish Lantern" in Wangmantian Village, but also visit the Huizhou Fish and Dragon Lantern Festival, learn paper-cutting, make Huizhou pens, watch Huangmei Opera in the ancient village, and spend a Spring Festival full of traditional culture.

  As the best expression of the flavor of the New Year, the Lantern Festival has always been an important attraction in the Spring Festival tourism market. Meituan and Dianping data show that recently, the search volume for "lantern festivals" has increased by more than 140% month-on-month. Zigong Lantern Festival, Chengdu Dongan Lake Lantern Festival, Shanghai Yuyuan Lantern Festival, Wuhan East Lake Dragon Year Lantern Festival, Nanjing Qinhuai Lantern Festival, etc. have attracted much attention.

  In order to welcome the Spring Festival holiday, various places have launched cultural and tourism activities full of New Year flavor. Cities and counties in Hainan have launched more than 80 special cultural, tourism and sports activities around the theme of "Island New Year Taste", including Hainan folk performances, Haikou Spring Festival, Sanya Luhuitou New Year Lawn Concert, and Sanya Nanshan Bell Ringing to Welcome the New Year. Guangxi has launched high-quality fruit-themed tourism routes such as "Go to Lingnan to Enjoy Good Fruits" and "Visit the Landscapes and Enjoy Picking", as well as quality tourism routes such as the magnificent landscapes, humanities and nature study tours, and the "National Unity and Family" study tours, attracting people to come to Guangxi to experience the colorful dragons. Spring Festival.

Visa-free outbound travel

  This Spring Festival will usher in the peak of outbound travel in recent years. China and Singapore have exempted each other from visas since February 9. This benefit has aroused the enthusiasm of Chinese tourists to travel to Singapore. Data shows that during the Spring Festival holiday, the number of travel orders from Chinese tourists to Singapore increased by more than 14 times year-on-year. On February 9, Ctrip organized Chinese tourists to enter Singapore from Beijing and Shanghai respectively. They became the first batch of Chinese tourists to visit Singapore without a visa.

  The relevant person in charge of Tongcheng Research Institute said that Singapore is one of China's popular outbound travel destinations, and the mutual visa exemption policy between the two countries is conducive to the development of the tourism industries of both parties. At present, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, three countries on the prime tourist routes in Southeast Asia, have all exempted Chinese tourists from visas, and their attractiveness to Chinese tourists has significantly increased.

  Hong Kong, China, and Macau, China are also popular destinations for outbound tourism. During the Spring Festival of the Year of the Dragon, Hong Kong will host the "New Year International Parade Night" with the theme of "Dragon Hong Kong Celebrates the New Year". The New Year float parade will also meet citizens and tourists, and the 2024 Lunar New Year fireworks display will be staged in Victoria Harbor. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Macau's return to the motherland and the New Year in the Year of the Dragon, Macau will hold a series of activities such as the 2024 Lunar New Year float parade, artistic performances and float exhibitions, as well as fireworks displays, community tours, etc., to showcase the charm of Macau's "tourism + events".

  Long-term outbound travel is also popular among tourists during the Spring Festival holiday. According to the relevant person in charge of Uoxin Travel, the total number of outbound travel groups during the Spring Festival increased by more than 50% compared with last year's National Day holiday, and the number of travelers increased by 45%. Among them, the Nordic market increased by 500%, and the Australian and New Zealand markets increased by 550%. The Nordic ice and snow aurora themed products have been sold out as early as one and a half months before the Spring Festival, reflecting the love of Chinese tourists for winter ice and snow travel destinations.

  Some Chinese tourists have also set their sights on African countries such as Egypt, Morocco, and Kenya. Kenya has unique tourism resources and is one of the best places for wildlife viewing in the world. Watching the great migration of animals and visiting the secret place of flamingos are favorite ways of doing things for Chinese tourists.

  In addition, cruise tourism has also become a popular choice for Spring Festival travel. The domestic large-scale cruise ship Aida Magic City has been fully booked as early as early January during the Spring Festival.

  Recently introduced immigration facilitation measures have attracted foreigners to travel to China. Some foreign tourists want to experience the Spring Festival in China. The latest data from Ctrip shows that the number of inbound travel orders during the Spring Festival increased more than 10 times year-on-year. The main source countries are Japan, the United States, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Vietnam, Germany, and Thailand. wait. Popular destinations for foreign tourists are Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Harbin, Qingdao, Shenyang, Xiamen, Chongqing and other places. (People’s Daily reporter Zhao Shan)