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Symbolic image: train toilet (clean here)

Photo: Schöning / IMAGO

Some people are annoyed about the condition of train toilets. Near Aachen, a train passenger made an emergency call out of anger over a lack of toilet paper. The emergency control center of Deutsche Bahn had informed the federal police at Aachen main station that the emergency call system had been activated several times on an arriving train late on Thursday evening, as the federal police announced.

On the regional train, the officers met a 26-year-old who admitted to pressing the emergency call button. The reason he said was that he was annoyed because there was no toilet paper or running water in the on-board toilet and the toilet was not clean.

“No reason to call emergency services”

He wanted to express his displeasure by activating the emergency call system. According to the federal police's statement, the officers informed the man on site "that this was no reason to call the emergency services." The man received a complaint for misuse of emergency calls.