China News Service, Datong, February 9th (Reporter Hu Jian) ​​On the evening of the 8th, in front of the south wall of the ancient city of Datong, actors dressed in Northern Wei Dynasty costumes, "led" by the heroine Hua Mulan, performed the "Hua Lantern Dance" with unique ancient charm. "Gift" kicked off the 2024 "Datong Year, Big Difference" New Year series of activities.

On the evening of February 8, actors dressed in Mulan costumes led the public into the city with stage performances. (Photo courtesy of Datong Cultural Tourism Group)

  The 2024 "Datong Year is Different" New Year series of activities has 5 major themes and 6 major sections, showing the cultural characteristics and festival traditions of the ancient capital of Datong through New Year lantern groups, intangible cultural heritage, Datong IP, festival activities and other contents.

  The prosperous blessing lantern group combines Kongming lanterns and the Year of the Dragon cultural elements to build a wall of praying lanterns; the festive spring lantern group uses the images of dragons and the four auspicious beasts of China to create a light and shadow picture; the heroine style lantern group uses Mulan and other female images as design elements, showing the spiritual outlook of Chinese women for thousands of years; the Splendid Datong Lantern Group weaves the local culture and historical heritage of Datong into it, forming a gorgeous humanistic picture.

The 2024 "Datong Year Makes a Big Difference" New Year series of activities kicked off on the evening of the 8th in Datong Ancient Town, Datong City, Shanxi Province. (Photo courtesy of Datong Cultural Tourism Group)

  "Going thousands of miles to join the army, you will pass through the mountains as if you are flying." The hometown of the heroine Hua Mulan is Pingcheng, Shanxi, which is now Datong. The giant Luban, which is loved by game fans, and the dancing Diao Chan on the music box, together with the game image of Mulan, have become elements of this New Year series of lamps that are popular among young people.

  This event combines the Datong culture of the Northern Wei Dynasty, combining the flying image of the Yungang Grottoes with Mulan to interpret a classic story in traditional Chinese culture. The ancient intangible cultural heritage will also be presented through performing arts, lantern sets, cultural creations, food and other carriers, including dragon and lion dances, auspicious dragons flying in the sky, Wei stele rubbings, Datong cuisine and other contents.

  This 33-day New Year series of activities will also feature creative activities and intangible cultural heritage and folk customs at the New Year nodes such as the first, fifth, eighth, fifteenth and second day of the first lunar month to create more diverse interactions. experience. (over)