Sota Fujii Hachikan (21), who won one of the eight major shogi titles, ``Oshosen,'' extended his streak of consecutive title wins to ``20'' and became the number one player in history, held a press conference and held a press conference in Kanazawa on the 24th of this month. He expressed his enthusiasm for the "Kioh Tournament" to be held in the city, saying, "I want to play shogi in an interesting way."

On the 8th, Fujii Hakkan defeated Tatsuya Sugai 8-dan (31) in the 4th game of the 7th match of the "Oshousen" held in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, successfully defending his title for the first time this year, and He extended his title win to the 20th season and became the number one in history.

On the 9th, which happened overnight, Fujii Hakkan attended a press conference and reflected on the series, saying, ``I was able to read it thoroughly and point to it in the middle, and it was a rewarding series.''

Regarding the fact that he is currently being challenged by Takumi Ito 7-dan (21), who is the same age as him, in the Kioh Tournament, he says, ``Ito 7-dan has a very deep understanding of the early stages of any type of fighting, so I'm trying to keep up with him first. I hope I can prepare well so I don't lose, and make good decisions since I only have four hours," he said.

After that, he spoke about the second game to be held in Kanazawa City on the 24th of this month, saying, ``There was an earthquake in January, and the recovery is still halfway through, and the situation continues to be difficult. I'm grateful. I want to concentrate and do my best to play shogi in an interesting way.''