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Updated Friday, February 9, 2024-18:18

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The American actress Sigourney Weaver, who tomorrow will collect the International Goya Award in Valladolid, believes that the changes that cinema needs to achieve equality between men and women will come from the hand of women themselves, who are the ones who "will be able to do it." ". "I think I will see it. And we will have to give credit to the women themselves, who are the ones who are making this change possible, and if not, look at the story of



a different love story

from a cultural point of view. gender," he said in a press conference.

Weaver was friendly and relaxed, and repeated on several occasions that she really likes Spain. She only changed her gesture slightly when she was asked about sexual abuse in the film industry. She regretted learning from a journalist that a case of abuse by a Spanish film director had recently become known, in reference to the accusations against Carlos Vermut, a candidate for two awards at last year's ceremony. "My heart and my solidarity is with these women, with

those who dare to talk

about these situations. Reporting abuse helps all women feel safer."

"We knew that


was not going to change things overnight (...) and that it is a problem that occurs in all areas. But

there is more and more light

in these cases, a difference has been made" .

The actress has not shied away from any question, including her

terrible opinion on "far-right and right-wing" politics

, she stated. And she has insisted on "the empowerment of women and the importance of not taking things for granted: how women feel or their power to say no."

She herself is a good example of this tenacity, which has marked her career because, in her youth,

none of her film teachers trusted her talent

. "But I didn't give up," she explained. "I'm very lucky to be here, I didn't give up despite that lack of initial motivation," said Weaver, who has never cared if the characters she has been offered have been big or small because for her the essential thing is a good history.

"I'm not a snob, I'm not an intellectual,

I like to try everything

, science fiction, comedy..." she said, before pointing out that, for example, she will leave Spain early on Sunday morning because on Monday continues filming

Avatar 3


In the few hours that she will remain on Spanish soil, the actress will collect the International Goya from the 38th edition of these awards, a recognition for which she feels "deeply honored" because she has "a great reverence for the history of Spanish and Mexican cinema." ".

Elegantly dressed in a bottle green suit, with a striking brooch on the lapel and a white shirt, Weaver chose flat shoes, despite which she stood out when posing for photos between the president of the Academy, Fernando Méndez Leite, and the mayor of the city, Jesús Julio Carnero, from his

183 centimeters

of height.