Last month, it was learned that at an elementary school in Shizuoka City, a homeroom teacher told three children who had forgotten their homework, saying, ``If you want us to extend the submission deadline, do the same thing.'' The city's Board of Education is considering taking action against the school, citing inappropriate guidance.

According to the Shizuoka City Board of Education and other sources, late last month at Shimizu Ibara Elementary School in Shimizu Ward, a female teacher in charge of several children who had forgotten their homework during an after-class "return party" If you want it to be postponed, just dogeza and come and ask for it.'' After school, the three children sat up straight in front of the teacher and other children and knelt down while saying, ``Please.''

The incident was discovered four days later when a parent consulted with her, and her homeroom teacher told the Board of Education that she had ``instructed her using inappropriate language and is remorseful.''

The school held an emergency parent meeting on the 4th of this month, and the principal and teachers apologized.

The Board of Education has determined that this is inappropriate guidance that causes anxiety for children, and is considering measures to be taken by the school.

Fuminori Akahori, Superintendent of the Shizuoka City Board of Education, commented, ``It is regrettable that we used inappropriate words to provide instruction, and we take this very seriously.In the future, we will work even harder to provide instruction that is more child-friendly.''