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  • Body The Spanish entrepreneur who puts the world in shape (even if it is in 10 minutes)

  • Cosmetics The Spanish woman who wants to revolutionize the beauty routine with her own facial devices

Sarah Brown

is New Zealand, but she has created a 100% British

organic cosmetics brand

that French women love. In fact, the giant Sephora noticed it and today it is sold all over the world: "It is present in 30 markets and 1,000 points of sale," she says.

Sensitive skin like yours exists in every country, especially since stress wreaks havoc. This entrepreneur considers that " it ages us



In fact, numerous dermatologists warn that there are more and more cases of

atopic skin

. And for this reason, precisely, her signature was born, today among the most sought after. "Like many businesses, it all started with my own personal circumstances. I developed a

serious skin condition

when I was 20. I was diagnosed with chronic hives and trying to control it was a daily frustration," she recalls.

The doctors insisted on prescribing


that masked the problem of his rash, without solving it. So he trained to create his formulas, realizing that the origin of the conflict was in the chemicals contained in most treatment products. It was a real disappointment, he remembers, to see how natural was not so natural. But these preservatives were used because they were cheaper and prolonged the life of the creams.

The New Zealander created her brand because of the serious skin problems she suffered from: chronic hives.EM

Some days the swelling was so intense that it could cause a complete deformation of his face. Plus, she was sick of pills. "I couldn't get consistent advice about it. Medical treatment didn't help either and I found myself with a bathroom cabinet full of products that

claimed to be hypoallergenic

and that I couldn't use," she explains to ZEN. She lived with the condition for a long time and spent money until she turned her life around in search of positive measures to have (and feel) more control over the skin condition. "Perusing


lists helped me achieve this and gave me a fascination with the healing properties of plants."

"I started formulating products and the rest is history!" Pai Skincare was born in a garage in Ealing Broadway, west London. "It means

'kindness' in Maori

, a nod to my New Zealand heritage," she reveals. His passion for natural led him to organic ingredients and certification. They are still located nearby in Acton to this day, all under one roof with their own factory. "Its ethical dimensions were very important to me."


The Pai Skincare factory controls everything from the origin to the sale of the product, which has independent certifications.EM

He believes that having complete

control of the production chain

is the only way to offer truly unique formulas with good quality and to be able to make better decisions. "We are redefining sensitive skin care, proving that there is no need to sacrifice performance or a premium, indulgent experience." After years of battling chronic hives, he wanted skin-transforming products that were truly natural. "That they restored trust, were effective, enjoyable and made sustainably."

At that time,

clean beauty

or clean and honest beauty was not as trendy as it is now, where brands proliferate like mushrooms. "It's true that customers have many options to choose from, but for those with sensitive skin and skin conditions many are disappointing. Very often they are cheap, synthetic and

very medical looking

. Placed on the bathroom shelf, they are a daily reminder of "You have a problem," he responds.

There are many brands that live up to what they say, but it is also difficult to differentiate what is marketing and reality. "We rely on

independent certifications

, and that is where we stand out from the crowd. Today anyone can call themselves clean or sustainable but that must be endorsed," Brown explains. He boasts the labels: Cruelty Free International, COSMOS Organic and The Vegan Society. "What customers should look for in a boat so they know they can trust."

It is also a myth that natural products are not so "scientific", he believes. "The conversation about toxic chemicals is frustrating as it is causing even more confusion.

Cosmetic chemistry

is highly scientific, regardless of whether you choose to formulate with natural or synthetic ingredients - the basic process is the same." Pai has two in-house chemists who are constantly searching for new ingredients with proven efficacy data. "Always from more sustainable sources, such as recycled or zero-waste ingredients." And although she triumphs among women, according to Brown, she transcends age, gender and borders. "Many men book in for our free skin consultation service and use the moisturizer after shaving."


What are the biggest sales successes? "With more than a million units, Rosehip Bioregenerate Face Oil, a

rosehip facial oil

." It is highly regenerative and helps accelerate repair and improve the appearance of dullness, pigmentation and fine lines. "A cult product in the toiletry bag," she slips. Also its Light Work makeup remover oil, which removes every last trace of makeup without irritating the most sensitive eyes but is very light.

Brown applies The Pioneer, the first product he created, as soon as he wakes up. "It's used on a surprising number of film sets and looks great under makeup!" He then adds a drop of The Impossible Glow in Champagne, which gives it a subtle glow, and finishes with SPF. At night, he does not miss cleaning with his Middlemist Seven cleansing cream, applied with a delicate muslin cloth. At night he applies the Bonne Nuit BioPeptide serum and cream. "It's packed with

active ingredients

that boost collagen and improve sleep, and has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines. The scent is deliberately relaxing to get you ready for bed." Some days, he changes depending on how his skin feels, although he's never had it better, he confesses.

She always recommends a

minimalist routine

for sensitized and reactive skin. "It's the best way to restore calm to your skin. I don't believe in complicated 10 or 12 step routines, it's better to choose less and choose well." Unique results-oriented assets for key concerns.

But good skin is also a matter of habits. "I bike to work every day to stay active. And I try not to stay up late because I really get exhausted if I don't get enough sleep." This is how you recharge your cells. And since when would you recommend starting to take care of your skin? "The sooner the better!

The most important step is cleansing

. People often don't see the point in investing in a facial hygiene product, but it's arguably the most important and first thing. Happy skin , healthy and balanced, that will age well, begins with that gentle and effective cleansing.