GONZALO I. WELCOME Valdemorillo (Madrid)

Valdemorillo (Madrid)

Updated Friday, February 9, 2024-20:28

Samuel Navalón arrived at the opening of Valdemorillo with clear ideas. It was the first round with Nek Romero, the Valencian illusion, with whom he will alternate on several occasions throughout the year - also announced together in San Isidro -.

Navalón showed a tremendous disposition

, but not only: he settled into each of the sets, not caring about the straightness of the steer, he carried out long attacks and even took a risk, even overriding his reason at the end of his first task. He had the La Cercada lot with the greatest options, it is also true. His first one lacked a step and, above all, rhythm. The sixth had the aggressiveness that the brothers lacked. He understood both of them really well, with a sense of measure and a good pulse.

The plaza registered more than two-thirds of entry

with a great atmosphere to see two of the bullfighters who have the most atmosphere for this year.

Nek Romero

received a strong somersault at the start of the fifth. A peach steer that had shown better paste in the capotero's genuflex greeting. The Valencian met the attack squarely, which fortunately resulted in a blow and trauma. He recovered with serenity, grappling with multiple blows with the onslaught that went unheeded over the stick until it was cracked. This steer who gave up the spoon too early didn't have bad style. The most faint version of Nek came with the second when he bullfighted him with an almost closed beat and verticality. There were well-strung crutches with the flights and others stumbled by that very tight faint.

The sword did not accompany the good impression made



Martín got the most lackluster lot

. The first one was very cracked and the fourth one was rough. He made an effort in both with skill and solving problems well.

Samuel Navalón stood out in the first meeting with Nek Romero, an exciting season ahead in which they will meet repeatedly.

For this Saturday there is enormous expectation and the long-awaited "no tickets" sign will be hung to see Alejandro Talavante, Juan Ortega and Ginés Marín with bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo.


Valdemorillo (Madrid).

Friday, February 9, 2024. First of the San Blas Fair. Two thirds of entry. Steers from

La Cercada,

well presented although of little depth.

Ismael Martín

, silence and clapping after warning;

Nek Romero,

greetings after notice and greetings; and

Samuel Navalón

, ear with request of the second in both. He left on shoulders.