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Updated Friday, February 9, 2024-18:41

  • There will be no 'eurodrama' Eurovision considers Zorra "fit" to represent Spain

The delegate of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion of RTVE,

Montserrat Boix

, has presented her resignation after the election of the song 'Zorra', by the Alicante group Nebulossa, which will represent Spain in the Eurovision 2024 festival.

In a message on her account on the social network ,

José Manuel Tornero

, after 'SloMo' controversy.

A controversy that arose in 2022

after the song 'SloMo' was chosen

, with which Chanel represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest of that edition.

"I apologize to the victims of gender violence. 'Zorra'

is neither empowerment for women, nor feminism

," Boix wrote.

The choice of the song 'Zorra' has aroused


from a sector of feminism that denounces the machismo and misogyny that this nickname represents.