A Mexican national suspect was arrested for smuggling over 5.4 kilograms of stimulants hidden in pockets hidden in his underwear. Smuggling incidents by so-called "couriers" are increasing at Haneda Airport, and the Metropolitan Police Department and Customs are strengthening border control measures.

The suspect arrested was Victor Manuel Ramos Rodriguez, 50, a Mexican national.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, on January 28th, a man was suspected of violating the Stimulants Control Act by smuggling more than 5.4 kilograms of stimulants from a French airport to Haneda Airport with the purpose of selling them at a street value of 339 million yen. Masu.

The suspect was said to have hidden the stimulants in 11 separate bags in hidden pockets in his underwear and vest.

Tokyo Customs officials, who became suspicious of the situation, investigated and discovered the incident.

The Metropolitan Police Department believes that domestic and foreign criminal organizations are involved, and has decided to proceed with the investigation.

Approval or disapproval has not been disclosed.

At Haneda Airport, since the relaxation of entry restrictions due to the new coronavirus, cases of illegal drug smuggling by so-called "couriers" have rapidly increased, and this year's pace has already exceeded last year's pace, so the Metropolitan Police Department and Tokyo Customs have announced We are strengthening our measures.