It has been learned that Shinji Aoba, who was sentenced to death for setting fire to the Kyoto Animation studio and killing 36 employees, appealed the sentence on the 7th. The defendant's lawyer has already filed an appeal against the verdict handed down at the Kyoto District Court last month.

Shinji Aoba (45) was charged with setting fire to Kyoto Animation's first studio in Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, killing 36 employees five years ago in July 2019. , was sentenced to death at the Kyoto District Court.

At the trial, the defendant had claimed innocence on the grounds that he was incompetent due to severe mental illness, and the defendant's lawyer filed an appeal the day after the verdict, but according to the court, Aoba himself also appealed the verdict on the 7th. An appeal was filed as a dissatisfaction.

By law, both the defendant and his attorney can file an appeal, and both will be formally accepted.

Defendant Aoba met with his bereaved family at the detention center after his lawyer filed an appeal, and according to the bereaved family, he said about his appeal, ``There was something I wanted to say about the psychiatric evaluation that said it was all a delusion.'' I mean, we were talking.

The second trial will now be held at the Osaka High Court.