China News Service, Longnan, Jiangxi, February 9th (Xiong Jinyang Ye Bo) "Hello, is this Liao Jing? I am Zhang Zhouming from the Longnan Civil Affairs Bureau. There is a greeting card sent to you from the Netherlands. Do you have time to come and get it? "On February 8, Liao Jing, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Longnan Tourism Group, who was working, was very confused when she received a call. When did she have friends in the Netherlands?

  "The courier just delivered it. The mailer is Wan Lixia. Do you remember it?" At the Longnan Civil Affairs Bureau, Zhang Zhouming asked Liao Jing to sit down and handed the greeting card to Liao Jing. Liao Jing carefully opened the greeting card, "Dear Liao Jing, hello, first of all, thank you for sending me a pair of shoes." This sentence brought Liao Jing's thoughts back to three months ago.

Thank you letter from the Netherlands. Photo by Ye Bo

  From November 7 to 9, 2023, the 32nd World Hakka Friendship Conference was held in Longnan, Jiangxi. More than 2,500 guests from all over the world gathered in Longnan, and Wan Lixia was the Hakka representative from the Netherlands.

  While visiting Guan Xiwei, Wan Lixia's shoes suddenly split and she didn't know what to do. After seeing this, Liao Jing, who was participating in the reception work at the scenic spot, took the initiative to ask about the situation. When she learned that the other party's shoe size was the same as hers, Liao Jing gave Wan Lixia a pair of work shoes that she had reserved at the scenic spot without saying a word. .

  Wan Lixia wrote in the letter that the shoe was torn that day, which was the most embarrassing thing in her life. She was very grateful for Liao Jing's timely assistance. Before she even had time to ask Liao Jing's name after putting on her shoes, Liao Jing urged her to catch up with the group and continue the tour. Although it was her first time in Longnan, Liao Jing's actions gave her the warmth of home.

  On January 10, after returning to the Netherlands, Wan Lixia finally learned Liao Jing's name and contact information after several inquiries, so she wrote this letter of thanks.

  After nearly a month and covering more than 9,000 kilometers, the greeting card sent by Wan Lixia from the Netherlands finally reached Liao Jing's hands. The moment she opened the letter, she saw the group photo of them in Guanxi District and Wan Lixia's handwritten letter. Liao Jing was very moved, "I received a very precious New Year gift before the Spring Festival!" (End)